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Covering my Eyebrows

Covering your eyebrows might not be something that you've thought about doing, But I've got a video for you anyway! My original thought for covering eyebrows was in relation to cosplay. Everything I do seems to come full circle back to cosplay. Not that I mind. There are so many anime, movie, and cartoon characters that have different shape and color eyebrows. While you can try to change the shape of your normal eyebrow, doing so doesn't always turn out right. I started thinking about how you could change the shape of your eyebrows and came across a YouTube video that showed a method of covering the eyebrows and drawing them back on. I thought that was completely genius. There's no way I will pluck my brows thin again, and I will never shave them off. Covering them is a much better alternative. You can change the way they look without the full commitment of doing something drastic.When it comes down to actually covering brows, I've come across several different met…
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Patreon Is Not For Me

I've thought about this long and hard and let some time go by before coming to this conclusion. Patreon is not for me. Let me just say that I haven't had any bad experiences with it, and this post is not meant to bash in any way, shape or form. Patreon is extremely user friendly and really allows creators to tailor benefits and rewards for their patrons easily. It's been around a little bit now and there are TONS of people utilizing it. There are so many cosplayers and bloggers that have/are able to use Patreon to their advantage and make profits, but things didn't fare so well for me. My Patreon posts would get a few views here and there, but nothing substantial. There was no interaction, which really bummed me out. One of the things I really like about social media is connecting with other people and interacting. So the fact that I didn't get that let me down a lot I have to say. I didn't get any patrons either. After searching around and asking for suggesti…

Alien Covenant

Okay so for a short ( I mean super short) time I thought that Alien Covenant was the name of the Alien video game that came out some time ago. My husband asked if I wanted to watch it and I was so confused. After pulling it up and realizing that this was the newest movie, part of me was excited, part of me somewhat sad. It felt like Alien Covenant hadn’t been in theaters that long. That made me wonder if it was any good. The Alien movies used to be my absolute favorites for such a long time. My mom loves them as well. So When talk was going around about a new Alien movie being made I had high hopes for it. I wasn’t sure what to make out of the fact that it was already out at Redbox. But we decided to rent it anyway. I had really high expectations for this movie because it was adding to the Alien franchise. All of the Alien movies  (not so much Alien Ressurection- that one got a little…weird) Had solid stories, strong characters. Let me rephrase that, strong FEMALE characters, and acti…

Fun Friday Fav's # 23

It's about time for another edition of Fun Friday Fav's don't you guys think?  I've found myself slightly obsessing with all things Mermaid again. So this post will be strictly dedicated to Mermaid stuff.
 I came across Contemporary Jellyfish Chandelier Company and was blown away. Their Chandeliers are beautifully lit and expertly crafted. You can definitely tell they are high quality.Just look at this beautiful chandelier
I also feel the need to own a Mermaid Tiara and was terribly swooning when I came across this one found over on Lyrica The Mermaid's blog:

On the topic of Mermaid Tiaras, I actually got inspired by this post over on Debis Design Diary. I am going to attempt to make my own mermaid crown very soon. Her tutorial is very straight forward and simple, and turned out BEAUTIFUL!

I absolutely adore this necklace from Streets of Orleans Mermaid Tears. It looks so interesting and cool

You know what I love to see but am terrified to actually try? Wearing a …

September Photo Set

September is the push for my Patreon page and right now I've got a cool poll running! Now, normally my two higher tier Patrons would be the ones to get to choose my Cosplay Photo Set theme, but for the month of September only, any and everyone has the opportunity to choose. So the way this will work, is each month there will be three (possibly four) costumes to choose from. A google doc will be provided to make voting simple. Below are your three choices for the month of September:

The three choices for September's photo set are Zatanna, Catwoman and Baroness. To vote please choose your option below and hit submit. Thats it! This is the final week to cast your vote! The winner will have a photo set which includes between 6-10 photos that will be available only to Mad Luv and Full of Luv Patrons digitally.

Are you curious about all of my reward tiers? Feel free to stop by my Patreon any time and have a look around! Have a suggestion for me? I'm open to what you have to say…

How To Cosplay

This simple, easy to follow two-step guide will show you how to cosplay. Are you ready? Okay, here it is:

1. Pick a Character. 2. Wear the Costume.

I told you that it was simple! You don't have to win awards or costume contests in order to be a cosplayer. You want to cosplay? Put on a costume....boom, you're cosplaying. Let's take a bit of a closer look at cosplaying though. Instead of looking at 'how to cosplay' lets take a look at the process of cosplay. Where do you start?

1) First you need a character! The character you choose to cosplay has no limit! A Character from your favorite video game, anime, movie, hell create your own character if you want. You're not restricted by fandom or even gender.

2) Your next step is pivotal: Will you be making it yourself, or commissioning someone else to do it? Commissioning work from other artists doesn't make you any less of a cosplayer just remember that. While some people like to make their entire costumes themselves,…

MASSive Comic Con 2017

Boy oh boy it's been seemingly forever since I've been to a convention. I have been impatiently waiting for MASSive Comic Con to roll around and it finally came this weekend! Last year I went dressed as Lady Deadpool in a costume that wasn't that great (mostly the mask) but this year I went as Femme Raiden (but changed into Lady Deadpool later...I'll explain that later on). We went on Saturday for a change and it was a lot of fun. There were tons of vendor and as always we were on a search for the Bank Robbery Joker Pop figure. Unfortunately we couldn't find him. But we did get to see a lot of cool booths.
The Nerd Magician had a show that we were all really looking forward to. We all got a kick out of it, but a lot of the movie references my son didn't really get. He's never seen Back to the Future, he he. Overall it was nice, but the real anticipation came after the magic show was over. You see, last year they had a Light Saber dueling class. We got ther…