Monday, October 30, 2017

The Mummy

I finally watched The Mummy (the one with Tom Cruise). *Takes a deep breath* Okay... I hadn't heard much about this movie. The only person that said anything was my mom and she said it was awful. It definitely wasn't good, but it wasn't the worst movie I've ever watched. But I will reiterate, it wasn't good. There are a lot of issues I have with this movie and I'm going to try to break this down and not go off on a tangent. Let's see how well I can do that. I love Egyptian history and mythology, and I was bummed out by how little there was.

The movie starts off with knights (Knights Templar) burying a knight with a Ruby. The burial site which is underground, is found many years later by a construction crew.  They are soon after told to leave the site by Russell Crowe's character, Mr. Jekyll. Yes....Jekyll as in Jekyll  and Hyde. That is a BIG issue i have with this movie, but ill get into  that later. He comes across a wall with inscriptions on it and then begins to monologue. Then the movie flashes back to ancient Egypt. It shows princess Ahmanet sparring as her father, the Pharaoh watches. She was his only child and would inherit his throne, she knew this and thoroughly enjoyed that idea. Then the Pharaoh had a son which meant she would no longer be the heir to her father's kingdom. She got upset, then tried to summon Set to help her kill him so she could still get the power.  This all made sense as the first born male child of a Pharaoh is automatically the heir to the throne. What I don't understand is why she decides to summon the god Set. Why not just kill them herself without him? She basically knew that was what she would have to do anyways. I understand that he is the god of death but it just felt like a kind of weak plot. In order for her ritual to be complete and summon Set in a physical form, she had to kill her father, his son and sacrifice her lover. She kills both her father and his new son, but before she is able to sacrifice her lover, she is caught by the Pharaoh's guards or priests. Because of what she did, the consequence is to be mummified and buried alive. So they bind her up, Put her inside a sarcophagus and set off to bury it.

I hear that this movie is supposed to be a reboot of the not so long ago Mummy franchise (which I really like). But this movie seriously lacked anything having to do with Egypt other than that scene with Ahmanet.  I get that they want to go a different route, change things up a bit, but I didn't care too much for this plot. It felt like it was missing something. Aside from the lack of Egyptian history or mythology or  anything that could reference to  that time in history. With her inside the sarcophagus, they took her really far away from Egypt to bury. Like, they went to Mesopotamia. The next scene is modern day in Iraq and Tom Cruise and another man are on a hill searching for some kind of treasure. They aren't really treasure hunters, they are in the military and are supposed to be somewhere else entirely. Basically they are thieves. Where ever they go they just steal things and sell them on the black market. Here starts one of my issues...what branch of the regular military lets two soldiers just gallivant wherever they want with no repercussions? They were many clicks away from where they were supposed to be but they don't even get in trouble other than a semi mild tongue lashing. They don't get reprimanded they are actually told to help an archaeologist with searching a tomb they unknowingly unearthed when they called in an air strike. They go with this female archaeologist which Tom Cruise's character has history with. He actually stole her map of that area because she was looking for this site they found. Down in the tomb, there is gold and also mercury. There are a series of statues. Normally the statues are facing outwards, watching and protecting the person that is buried, she makes note that all of the statues are facing inwards. As if guarding whoever is buried. He starts having weird visions about Princess Amahnet and hearing her say 'My Chosen' but has no clue what is going on. There are pieces of gold and valuable jewels around the tomb and of course Tom Cruise and his thieving buddy get wide eyed and want to start taking things. The other guy gets at least one thing but before Tom Cruise has a chance to swipe something, the archaeologist lady fusses at him. Almost instantly an army of camel spiders (YUCK) start heading to them, crawling on them and one bites the other guy. Again yuck.

After he gets crazy and starts shooting around the spiders leave and they get out of the tomb. They get a helicopter to take the tomb to an airfield so they can get on an airplane with it and go back to London where she is based out of. There is a sand storm that immediately and suddenly heading their way as soon as they lift the sarcophagus out of the ground. But they all make it on the airplane just in time. The guy that stole from the tomb however starts to look really bad. Almost like a zombie. This is another issue I have. I think it's common folklore that if you steal from a tomb there are consequences. And generally we know that Egyptian tombs did have warnings and curses etc. But there was no ominous warning on this tomb.Nothing significantly 'oh shit maybe we shouldn't take anything' kind of warning. The original "The Mummy" movie had lots of warnings and made sure that the viewers understood the Egyptians had curses, traps and warnings for would be grave/tomb raiders. But all of a sudden guy gets bitten by a camel spider and then is a zombie? Okay. He stabs his commanding officer ON THE PLANE after he's asked what hes doing. He's trying to cut the cording that's keeping the sarcophagus stable on the plane. After he stabs his commanding officer, he turns to Tom Cruise and the other passengers. Tom Cruise shoots him 3 times and hes dead. Then the air lock to the plane comes off the plane crashes (he puts a parachute on the archaeologist, pulls the cord and lets it take her off the plane. But he goes down with the plane. He wakes up in a body bag with a toe tag in the morgue. He can't die because the Mummy, Princess Amahnet chose him, hes going to be the person she sacrifices to complete her ritual and bring Set into physical form. But in order for her to do it, she has to use the special dagger with a ruby in the handle for it to work. He finds this out very cryptically when he sees his buddy, the zombie (the comedic relief I should say) in the morgue. The archaeologist is take into the morgue because they needed help identifying the bodies.They are all shocked to see that he is alive down there.

Next scene they are in the bar and hes pounding shots while she tells him reluctantly that she thinks they have angered the Gods. Another problem I have. All of a sudden she is talking about Gods. There was no talk about her opinions of the gods or goddesses before this.When they were in the tomb would have been a perfect time for some sort of spiel about the gods of ancient Egypt. When she first sees the tomb would have been a great time. When they air lifted the sarcophagus and the sand storm or even the came spiders, any of those time would have been a good time to mention the ancient gods. But now, at a bar all of a sudden she starts feeling like they have 'angered the gods'. Tom Cruise is freaking out because he keeps seeing his dead friend around the bar and asks to be excused and goes into the bathroom and starts freaking out seeing him even more. The 'comedic relief' (that wasn't too funny) explains some more about them being cursed. He and the archaeologist set off to find the sarcophagus crash site. Meanwhile the sarcophagus crashed in a way different location than the plane and the mummy is busy sucking the life out of two police officers that are investigating the area. She takes their life essence (like the original Mummy) and becomes less corpse looking and more human. The people she sucks the life out of become zombies. There is a scene with her and the two zombie police officers that I swear they were going to start doing the Thriller dance. She's trying to get him to come to a specific place because she knows where the dagger she needs is. What she doesn't know, is that the ruby isn't in the handle like it should be. She finds this out when she gets him to come to her, and her zombies hold him down and she was about to stab him. But the ruby is found by Russel Crowe, I mean Mr. Jeckyll's crew.

To prevent giving away a weird plot twist any more of the story (and to keep myself from getting too annoyed) I will just go on to say that things get clouded by Mr Jeckyll and his goons and their desire for the ritual to be complete and having Set physically manifested. I made it through the end of the movie but was not by any means impressed. I was actually pretty surprised as well. Usually Tom Cruise doesn't play in crappy movies. I guess there truly is a first time for everything. Did you watch this movie? What are your thoughts? I don't think i would recommend this to anyone unless they just want to watch it out of curiosity or just want to waste some time.

lotsa love to ya!

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Storm Cosplay

Storm is a character I've wanted to cosplay for quite some time now. I hesitated a lot due to planning out the costume. It looks like a simple costume but it's a bit more complex than it seems. I debuted my Storm at Super Megafest this past weekend. I had a great time and I was so proud of this costume!

Costume notes:

1) Headpiece- I started with the Headpiece- as it was the smallest part and seemed to be the easiest. I used Eva foam that is made for gym floor mats. I used my heat gun to smooth the light texture on the front. I also applied extra heat to shape it in a curve to fit to my head. I primed it with pva glue and then painted it all black. To secure it to my hair I hot glued four small hair clips to the inside of the front part.

2) Bracelets- for the bracelets I also used the same Eva foam. I cut strips that were a little bigger than my wrists. I used ansoldering iron in order to get a curved shape to make them look more Ike Bangles. Then I primed them with 3 layers of PVC glue and like 5 layers of gold paint. I didn't join the strips into circles until the cape was done.

3) Bodysuit- the bodysuit was tricky. I started off using a tank top and swimsuit bottoms for a template but decided to try using an actual pattern. I used a Yaya Han pattern for a bunny suit to start with. I made a mock-up using muslin fabric that ended up being WAY too big. I adjusted it a bit and then realized it was basically the same as the version I started. I just needed to cut parts to sew back up. I added a zipper although it's not needed. The fabric was a thick, heavy weight knit with a lot of 4 way stretch. For the gold trim I used a gold metallic 4 way stretch lycra and attached using a zigzag stitch.

4) Cape- this was by far the most confusing part of this costume for me. First, I couldn't find any, I mean ANY back photos of Storm. I couldn't find a decent reference picture for a while. I think I'd been searching for something not that closely related to Storm when i came across a photo of a cosplayer. She was looking over her shoulder and I finally could see the back of the costume! Then several related images also showed the back. I got a good idea of the basic shape which I was able to cut out close to how I wanted. The only issue I wound up having with the cape was attaching it. The fabric I used was a heavier weight fabric which looked good both as the bodysuit and the cape, but it was too heavy to simply attach clips to. Inthe end I had to top stitch it to the back side of my bodysuit.

5) Boots- Luckily I had a pair of black thigh high boots already. I used the remainder of the gold lycra I had and did a top stitch across the perimeter both top and bottom, and left and right. I didn't do a zig zag stitch because my thigh high boots are not stretchy at the top. 

I completed the entire thing with a white wig and my favorite white out contacts. I actually plan on having a photo set of my Storm cosplay but I haven't decided when that will be yet.

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Sunday, October 08, 2017

Winter 2017 Trends

Fashion Trends for fall/winter 2017 are interesting! there's so many different things going on, I'm honestly excited for the weather to chill  (not so much for the ice and snow that will be eventually coming, but that's a totally different story).

Wasn't it back in the 90's that Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears wore all denim together and it was so cringe worthy? Well denim is making its rightful comeback and will be trending this winter! I love denim. I love wearing different shades of denim as well. This is definitely a trend I am looking forward to. This denim dress from Y Project show in Hapers Bazaar website is really nice. I like that it shows a lot of leg but covers up top.

Office Wear:
Working in a professional environment can sometimes seem boring and bland. But for some reason this winter suiting, tailored and fitted suits and office attire is set to be trending. This photo from Vogue Paris Website showcases Stella McCartney, Balenciaga, and Calvin Klein

The color red is a big thing this winter too. We all know red is a bold, powerful color. Fendi knows exactly how to showcase ANYTHING in red see here on Harpers Bazaar website

Trench Coats:
So i think trench coats are like leap year, every few years they seem to be back in style more than others. This year trench coats are back and I cannot say how much I am in love with this one from Moschino which is again shown from Harpers Bazaar website.

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love anything shiny. This trend caught my eye without hesitation. I'm all for anything sparkly, shiny, vibrant, space aged and silver. This trend is definitely one that I can see myself sporting this winter. This photo from the Elle UK website shows how versatile (and crazy) this trend is/can be...and I LOVE it!

lotsa love to ya!

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Saturday, October 07, 2017

Worcester Art Museum

Worcester Art Museum | Nerdy Curve Blog

I'm starting to explore my local area more and I am so excited to have visited the Worcester Art Museum recently. It'd been a while since I set foot in an art museum, and I really missed it. I love art. Any kind of art to be honest. I was so excited, Worcester Massachusetts is a very artistic city, so I was sure that there would be a lot of interesting things to see as well as a lot of historical art too. Before we even got to the front door, we saw Worcester Art Museum stickers on the light post at the corner. I got such a huge kick out of this. Such a silly yet awesome thing, but at some point, someone started a tradition to put your sticker on there. What a Worcester things to do!


 They had some of the most beautifully sculpted pieces of jade. So many different colors, the below left piece was probably my favorite one.

 Their Greek Art room was fairly small. This took me by surprise. I thought there would be more pieces of pottery but there was only a few pieces.

I was really looking forward to the Egyptian room. Egyptian history and mythology is one of my favorites!

 There was a special exhibit that was there also. This one really, I mean really freaked me out when I first saw it. The exhibit is the Reusable Universes: Shih Chieh Huang.. They were definitely beautiful, but I was not prepared to see moving pieces of art! On first glance, this gallery was alive! Each piece moving at its own pace, in a very organic way. They all resemble Jellyfish and other deep sea creatures, maybe that's what shocked me at first. When we were inside the gallery I calmed down and took in how intricate each piece was.

Their Pre Colombian room was interesting. It really made me miss my regulatory watching of Ancient Aliens on Friday nights. There was so much to see in this room, this is actually where we started our self guided tour. I love learning about the ancient Mayans and there was so much to look at in relation to their culture. Ancient Aliens spends a lot of time on this era in human history and it was really cool to look at pieces that are from that time and see them up close instead of through a computer screen!

 Overall I had a blast. There are some areas I wish there was more of, but there was still so much to see. Even though we didn't take our complete time, we still spent 2 hours at the museum, which with an eight year old, that is a LONG time to spend at a place like that. But even he had a lot of fun viewing the exhibits and  seeing art and artifacts from so many different periods of time

lotsa love to ya!

I'm Von! I'm a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. I have a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about me and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

The Mummy

I finally watched The Mummy (the one with Tom Cruise). *Takes a deep breath* Okay... I hadn't heard much about this movie. The only ...