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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Northeast Comic Con

I'm a tad bit late on writing this, but better late than never, right? My first con of the 2017 season was March 4th being Northeast Comic Con. This convention was actually held at the Hanover Mall which was a new thing for me. Most conventions are held at convention centers, so when I head that this would be in a mall, I was very curious. My family and I made a day out of it traveling together. My son and I dressed themed as Mortal Kombat characters. I wore Raiden and he wore Sub Zero. I have to admit that I got a kick out of people looking at us confused. A lot of people did stop us for pictures, though. A lot of the mall goers seemed to have no idea that there was a convention being held there. I was honestly a bit nervous when we pulled up because I didn't see anyone in costume. They were all hiding inside where it was warm. The day we went, it was FREEZING!

Although I didn't buy anything, there was definitely a lot to see and do. I mostly enjoyed socializing with other cosplayers. It was really cold the day we went to the con, but the amazing thing about Northeast Comic Con, they do more than one convention a year! They will be hosting another con in the summer, at the same location. I am extremely excited for that! Ive got plenty of time to figure out a new cosplay (or an old one to revamp)!

lotsa love to ya!

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Von is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Lobo Facepaint

I'm not sure if too many of you guys are familiar with this DC Character, so I'd really recommend you look him up because he is the definition of Badass. I Plan on doing a gender bent version of him possibly this year,so I figured I would play around with the makeup first.

I also got the Hasselblad camera attachment for my Moto Z phone and I wanted to try it out, so I decided to make a video. I haven't made a video or even streamed in quite some time and I really need to fix that. I haven't even blogged in what feels like forever but I am planning things out better so I will have more content generating on a regular basis across multiple platforms.

As I state in the description for the video, I'm not a makeup artist, nor am I using the correct paints/tools for face paint. I just wanted to try it out and have some fun. Later down the line if I start to become more interested in body painting, I will make sure to get the right stuff. But for now I don't want to spend money on unnecessary things.

So in the above video, I was using regular black gel eyeliner. I know,I know I used so much and it was a waste, but it was the old stuff. I would have had to get rid of it soon enough. The white is actual body paint I got from Party City. It too was old, lol. All my brushes were clean though, even though they didnt work so well. I might gather enough of the right paints to redo this and try it again some other time. Hope you guys enjoyed this video, I had way too much fun making it as you can see by my serial killer laughing. I should be back to a normal schedule posting and streaming and videos as soon as I get it all together.

lotsa love to ya!


Von is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Monday, February 20, 2017

Surviving a Horror Movie

A few years ago, I wrote an article about how to stay alive in a horror movie.  I decided to give it another go! Here are more ways to survive a horror movie!

Be Skeptical of the kids.
Children in horror movies are always creepy. Sometimes they just look plain evil (that may have sounded mean...). Kids always seem to see or suspect things and the adults always brush it off as being an overactive imagination. Yes kids can make up things, but when its a constant, or its really creepy and weird, maybe you should look into it. But when they start speaking to you in Latin or some other language they shouldn't know, it's too late, you fail.

Animals sense danger.
Animals seem to know when somethings not right. If your cat starts growling, arching its back and hissing, something is wrong. Kittie isn't just having a rough day. If your dog starts growling, barking, or whimpering, something is definitely wrong. Buster is never just fussy or needs to go out super bad. And when you are trying to call your pet and they don't answer it'll be too late to save them or find them. Something isn't right and you need to figure out what it is, like right now.

Sex can wait.
Seriously. In teen/young adult horror movies, this is the major turning point in the movie. It's usually when people start to die (or people realize a killer or monster is out there). You're in the house alone at night, or you're camping in the woods alone and decide what the hell, lets do it. Lets drive out to BFE and do it. How many times has someone gotten killed because they wanted to have sexy time? Too many. They always die in the worst, most embarrassing ways too. Lets go out to some abandoned area and have sex, There's no one there. wrong, There is someone there. They are watching you, and they are going to kill you.

The bad guy is never dead.
Okay so triumphant part of the movie you give it one hard go to kill the bad guy. You run him over with your car a few times. Or you stab it repeatedly, or you set the building on fire. Are you sure they're dead? You think they are but they're not. They never are. They're laying motionless and you maybe poke at them and they don't move. Then they somehow get away and find you. How can you make sure they are never coming back? I'm not really sure. I don't think you can. I guess dismemberment? Incineration? A hope, a prayer?

Reading isn't always good for you.
Under normal circumstances, reading is a good thing. When you find some sort of old looking book with strange writing and strange (scary) pictures, DO NOT READ IT! Seriously. No matter how interesting it looks to you, incantations are always bad. Don't read them in your head and most certainly don't read them aloud. All you're doing is asking to die at the hands of the demons you just summoned.

I'll be back.
When you're with a group, some genius (note- sarcasm) decides it would be good to split up, or they will go ahead and get help. They leave you, or your small group and say they'll be back. Nope. You are not Arnold Schwarzenegger, and you will not be back.  By saying "I'll be back" you're subliminally telling your peeps, "I'll be dead soon, so say your goodbyes." The only case this doesn't fail, is when two people go to get help. One of them most certainly dies, but sometimes the other person makes it out. But sometimes they die too,

Don't go there.
There are all kinds of really bad hiding options. These are places you should just avoid at all cost. Basements. You're basically underground in a cement lined hole in the ground. Most of the time basements are dilapidated and grungy, not to mention the high creep factor. And most basements only have one entrance...the way you got down there in the first place. Nowhere to exit if the killer or monster is in your house upstairs! Bathrooms. Aside from the grimy germs, there are stalls. Stalls that people can hide in. Even if you look under the stalls as you are walking by, someone could be standing on the toilet seat and you'd never know they were there. That is unless you push open the door. Even then, they're more ready to attack than you are to defend. Don't, just don't go there. Closets are another bad place. Most closets aren't very big. They are tight, confined places which you have no way to escape from. A tiny wood paneling door would be the only thing separating you from the killer/monster/bad guy.

I'm okay with admitting that I am the worst person to watch scary movies with. I generally shout statements like those above at my TV when the characters make stupid mistakes. All are valid points though, am I right? What are some other tips you can think of on how to survive a horror movie?

lotsa love to ya!


Von is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Harrison's Comics

I love discovering new comic book shops. In my area there is one that I frequent but Saturday I spent a large chunk of the day with my family outside of our normal wandering radius. We were going to Pokemon TCG open play in Lexington Massachusetts which was the nearest place that held game play. My family has become obsessed with playing the Pokemon trading card game, so this was well worth the 40 minute drive.We went to a collectible shop where they played, but we were also told about a comic book shop, Harrison's Comics and Pop Culture That held Pokemon open play and drafts. So we made our way over there and It was magical. First, their location was in a mall but it was huge.

I'm pretty sure that you guys are aware of my love for Deadpool, so I was naturally drawn to all of the Deadpool items they carried. They had quite a few more deadpool things (plushies, more comics, action figures, figurines etc) but I didn't take pictures of them.

This deadpool mask and word bubble combo is actually at my local comic book shop. The speech bubbles are an ingenious idea and I had to take a good hard look at the mask. I am slowly upgrading my lady deadpool cosplay (very slowly) and I have been on the hunt for a new mask. Although this one is very nicely made, its not feminine enough so I passed. But I definitely could appreciate the quality and the humor in this set.

They also had these adorable Sailor Moon key chains. I wouldn't necessarily consider myself a moonie although I do like Sailor Moon, but these were so cute! I find that the older I get the more 'cutesy' things I am attracted to. It took a lot for me to walk away and not purchase one, especially the heart locket.

Do you see that Cobra Commander laying smack dab in the middle of this picture? I had to take a picture of this because I found it coincidental. You see, I have been working on a Cobra Commander cosplay for my son recently. His version has the reflective helmet instead of the one pictured below. I laughed to myself a bit when I saw this. It basically solidified that no matter what I need to get this costume done. I say that because I've run into a few issues when making the jacket and I was honestly considering scrapping the idea. Now I will figure out a way come hell or high water to get it done. Once it's finished you can definitely expect a post with detail on that costume!

There was also a giant Hulk that I totally didn't see for the first 30 minutes I was walking around their store. This thing was at least 8 feet tall. Probably more since I'm terrible with guessing numbers of any kind.

I ended up getting this Deadpool comic book, I needed some light reading anyways. In the last month or two I've amassed quite a few Deadpool comic books and I need to organize them. That's a weekend project for sure.

Although I was there for a bit longer than I'd planned on, I have to say that I enjoyed my time there. There was so much to see from collectibles, comics, vintage toys, action figures, they had quite a variety of items to choose from. I strongly believe in supporting your local business so I feel that I did my part by making a purchase. I will definitely be going back there a few times a month, considering they are the closest place that holds Pokemon TCG drafts and open play.

lotsa love to ya!

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Von is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Monday, January 30, 2017

God of Thunder

Raiden Mortal Kombat | Nerdy Curve Blog

No. I'm not referring to Thor here, I'm talking about Raiden, from Mortal Kombat. Like most people my age, I remember when the first Mortal Kombat game came out. Parents were all up in arms about the violence in the game. Meanwhile, us kids were spending hours upon hours zoned out in front of the TV playing the game. While Scorpion and SubZero have always been the most popular Characters, Raiden was pretty popular too! He was my second favorite, right behind Scorpion. When thinking about who to Cosplay, I knew that Raiden was one character I HAD to cosplay him.  Whenever I decide to do a costume, I have to sketch it out first. I figured out what parts I needed to make for the costume and went shopping! 

The costume itself was important, but I also wanted to recreate his lightning. It took me a while to figure out how to do that, but eventually I found a way. I discovered Electro Luminescent lights while searching through LED videos on YouTube.. These are an alternative for LED's. Instead of dots of light on a strip, they are a strand of continuous light. I ordered some online and when they arrived, I tried different combinations on how to get the right effect. The kind I ordered came with four 3 foot strands of lights that were attached to a remote. They have three settings. The first setting is straight continuous lighting. The second and third are blinking, the second being a slow flashing, and the third a bit quicker. Here is a video showing two different parts of my process. The first was the day after receiving the lights when my cosplay wasn't quite done. The second is after I completed things (but I am still figuring out the lights).

This costume was a lot of fun to create. The only part that was a bit difficult was creating the hat. More on this down below under my costume notes, but here is a collage of my process:  

Costume notes:

**Everything was made by me except for the gloves, socks, shoes and tights I am wearing yes, even the hat.**

  • The leotard was made from a white 4 way stretch spandex from Joann's. I created the pattern freehand based on a camisole and swimsuit bottoms.
  •  After sewing that together, I moved on to the blue top, I'm not really sure what to call it. But I used a heavier blue knit fabric and lined it with blue trim both on the outside and inside. I did make a pendant for Raiden but it didn't turn out so well, so I didn't include it. 
  • The hat, as shown above was also made freehand. Getting the base triangle shape was an absolute pain, but after figuring out how to create it, things got much easier. The base is made from 5mm craft foam. The basket weave over top was created by literally basket weaving 2mm craft foam and gluing it down as I went along. After it was glued, I put a base layer of elmers glue. Once that dried, I began painting the whole thing brown. Several coats were needed in order to get it dark and consistent, but after I sealed it with another layer of glue. The hat is held on by an elastic chin strap I glued on the underside.
  •  The black sash was made using a 2 way jersey knit fabric with snaps on the back to get on and off with ease.
  •  I created the leg and arm guards using 5mm craft foam, coating the outside lining in a gold acrylic paint, and a silver acrylic paint on the inside. I still havent gotten down weathering so the paint job definitely needs more work.
  •  Finally under the hat I created a Baklava. This was fairly easy, since I had previously made a few deadpool masks. I created a basic head and neck shape, cut out two pieces and stitched them together. Then I put it on, marked where to cut they face section. I cut that out, stitched the perimeter and boom, done.

lotsa love to ya!

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Von is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!

Confessions of Cosplay

cospaly confessions | Nerdy Curve Blog

As a cosplayer, I believe it might be universal to keep an ever growing list of cosplay goals. Before Convention season we all make our lists for the characters we would like to create. Things are steady for a while until you come across a game, a movie, or a cartoon. Inspiration is basically thrust upon you and your world is shaken. Okay that might be a tad extreme, but I'm sure anyone who loves to cosplay understands exactly what I mean. You start off with a list, maybe a top five or ten for the year. You discover a character you begin to fall in love with or even obsess over. Now its time to prioritize. Is your list complete? Do you add the new character to the end? Or do you swap characters out. Anyway Con season is finally starting for me so that's the boat I'm in right now. I'm sure we all know by now how much I love cosplay. It is literally my favorite thing. Having said that, there are some things that I get annoyed with.

I love sewing. But certain projects really get on my nerves. While sewing my Baroness costume the arms went in well, the bodice was good, but the legs gave me the biggest hassle. Never did I think sewing on legs would be such a pain. Especially after attaching the arms with no problems at all. Seam ripping can really get a person down, and I did a LOT of seam ripping on that thing. I certainly wanted to give up on it a few times, but I'm glad I didn't, it turned out so much better with adjustments.

I have a love/hate relationship with EVA foam. There are so many things you can do with it, but I always seem to screw something up.i have no idea what I'm doing wrong, but I have noticed progress. A lot of the things I messed up on in the beginning have been resolved but there are other screw ups. New screw ups. So this has been interesting. A lot of costumes I like have armor and props that require foam or worbla  (which I have never tried before). I don't want to limit myself based on my lack of ability. But I will continue to press forward and keep learning about using it. Hopefully soon I will have made lots of progress. One can only hope, right?!

I hate weathering. I can never seem to get it right. No matter how many tutorials I read, regardless of how many videos I watch, I can't seem to get it right. This is infuriating! I want my shiny armor pieces to look right and realistic but how can I do that if it doesn't look weathered? I've tried many different techniques so I've got to keep practicing if I'm going to improve. Taking scrap pieces and practicing on those sounds good, right? This goes hand in hand with the above mentioned EVA foam. One day I'll be proficient so until then I've got to keep working.

There are definitely more things that frustrate me, but like I said, I don't want these confessions posts to get too deep. What are some things that frustrate you about cosplay?
lotsa love to ya!

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Von is a lifestyle blogger based in Massachusetts. She has a passion for nerd culture, food and movies. To find out more about Evon, and this blog, take a look at the About Me page!