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I already know that I am behind the curve on seeing this movie. Anyone who has small children knows how hard it is to get to a movie theater! Anyway, Me and the hubby watched this movie last night and were pleased! We are 2 for 2 with good movies lately. We already knew that It was going to be good, so our expectations were pretty high. Let me just say that the concept alone was great. But then you add an amazing actor like Leonardo DiCaprio and you've got a jackpot. I like him, he's a really great actor. You know who else I really liked in this movie? Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (You know, the guy from 3rd rock from the sun) I thought his acting was good, and he was fine. I dont know if it was his hair slicked back, or him wearing a 3 piece suit, but he looked really good.

Anyway, Im getting off subject. The storyline was good. And it was nice to watch a movie that we could sit and tak about. The ending was great and it left a few questions (in a way). We both figured out what it was all about when it got close to the ending. We had a nice discussion after it. I proved to my hisband that I do have a brain that functions outside of the superficial! He seemed really surprised that we were having an intillectual conversation. I dont know if that is good or sad. No matter, I am sure to be watching that movie at least another few times.