Resident Evil Afterlife

Okay, before i really say anything, let me first say that I LOVE Resident Evil. I played the games a few times but I really like the movies. Mila Jovovich is not only a beautiful woman, but a really good actress as well. The first one is by far my favorite, but that goes with all movies that have multiples. The original is always the best of all. Anyway, I think that the movies rank in the order that they came out.

1) Resident Evil
2) Resident Evil: Apocalypse
3) Resident Evil: Extinction
4) resident Evil: Afterlife

*whew* on to the actual movie...
Okay. The opening scene was pretty cool. The asian chick standing in the middle of the street (who has really hot shues and sexy stockings i might add). From then on, the movie plummets.  It doesnt necessarily tank, but its not good. First of all, a slow-mo shot is cool. But too many can get annoying. When there is an overabundance of slow-mo shots, I want to bash my face into the table. There were way too many slow-mo shots. Areal slow motion shots, shooting slow motion shots, flaming slow motion shots, they were everywhere. And I havent even started talkinga bout the matrix rip offs yet! Aside from the slow motion, there was a lot of CGI. There was a bit too much of that too. It was annoying too.

You know what else was annoying? the storyline. Or rather, the lack thereof. They could have done so much with that movie. But they didn't. I have to say, that i was really dissapointed with this one. there were some fight scenes that were cool, but a lot of them were also predictable. I was really let down by this movie. I think that after four movies, they really shouldnt make any more. If they do, they should not only come up with a story line, but seriously redeem themselves from the craptastical massacering of that last movie.

Shame on you, Paul W.S. Anderson for what you did to that movie....Shame shame shame *shakes head*