Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gigi's Cupcakes in Louisville

As promised, here is my review of Gigi's Cupcakes!

I love a good cupcake, so when I saw Gigi's Cupcakes in a shopping center one day when taking my son to practice, I got curious. I checked their website, I saw that they were a national chain. At first i wasnt sure what to make of that, seeing as how some chains lose their quality from being so big. I took my son to get cupcakes because he had a really good week this week. We walked into the shop and were greeted with a warm "hello!" When it was our turn in line, we looked around at all the cupcakes, and decided on the Birthday Surprise Cupcake! When we checked out, I showed my military ID which was purely out of habit, and i was plesantly surprised to find out that she give half off military discount. Yes, thats right, not 10%, not 20%, she gives HALF OFF to military service memebers and their families. That much of a discount is CRAZY!! I then found out that not only was she married to a service memer, but she was also in the military for 8 years. I thought that was pretty cool of her! We had a ton of errands to run so we didnt get to eat them right away. We actually got to eat them i think two hours later. So when we finally got to eat them, i was excited! I gave my son some of his, and he was excited at the amount of sugar he was seeing, lol. I ate all of mine and my goodness, it was awesome. I think there was just a little bit too much icing on it, but thats my personal preference. It was delicious and Im excited to try another flabor. My son was nursemaiding his all day so he didnt really get the effects of all that sugar right awy, lol. Anyways, my experience with Gigi's Cupcakes of Louisville was great, and i would definitely recommend them to my friends and family!

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