2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Who better to start off the 2011 MTV VMA's than Lady Gaga!? I was really looking forward to seeing what song she performed! At first i was a bit lost, but im just fucking slow sometimes. She makes a decent guy. A Greaseball guy, but still decent. I loved her monologue before the song. I am not familiar with the song she sang, but i still liked it. I really wish that she had performed Judas. That would have been so dope! She did an amazing job, but honestly, I didnt expect anythign short of amazing from her, shes so great!Not only did she stay in drag throughout her performance, but when she presented to Britney Spears, she stayed in drag! She is awesome!!

Nicki Minaj- Normally I am a huge Nicki fan, but her costumes are often (lately) questionable. This outfit made me mad when I saw her. It appears that she is swagger jacking Lady Gaga! Stop it Nicki, you dont need anyone elses ideas, youre great on your own!!!
JayZ and Kanye West performance was cool, i hadnt heard that song before and i guess the flow of it was odd to me. I honestly wasnt focusing on the song too much, I was distracted with Kanye Wests height. Well, lack of height. He looks so short walking next to Jay Z. Its funny that they had Kevin Hart on earlier, i kept thinking about the difference in height between the two of them. Midget fight...haha

Pitbull & Neyo- Their performance was good. The two of them were great, but the chick that sings part of the hook for their song, what the heck was up with her?! First of all, she doesnt really "sing", she can carry a tune, thats about it. Nothing about her voice was remarkable. Then her lack of performance. She just stood there most of the time i guess staring out in the crowds or something. Her outfit was distracting but not in a good way. She reminded me of the drag queens that i would watch at Connections. I have actually seen the drag queens perform better than she did.

Chris Brown-I loved him!! He had a little bit too much wire work, but the song he performed is one of my favorites of this year. Im glad to see that he is not being dogged like he was before. Everybody deserves a second chance and his second chance has really proppelled him into a good spot.

Jessie J-Who is she? She has a great voice. Seriously amazing, strong, powerful voice.....

Beyonce-Okay  the first words she said was soemthing about the music and feeling the love and said "Feel the love thats growing inside of me" and she is wearing a pant suit. And the end of her performance she drops the mic, opens her top and shows a big bump. Whoa. She kinda looked like she felt obligated to do it.

Jared Leto-STOP raiding your girlfriends closet. Take off her skirt! The only time it is appropriate for a man to wear a skirt, is if they are wearing a kilt. That is all

Okay ive got to get some sleep but i really want to watch the rest so this will be part 1 just in case i go to bed