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 More and more I find myself bypassing large corporate chains, and turn to local boutiques, shops, and cafes. Supporting local businesses is near and dear to my heart. Local shops are definitely better, more down home, and more homey. That is why I close to visit Blush Boutique, here in Louisville Kentucky.

Blush Boutique is located in one of my favorite parts of town. The Frankfort Avenue/Lexington Road area of St. Matthews. I follow Blush Boutique on facebook so I can stay updated on sales, new items, anything. They do a great job of keeping their followers and customers up to date. So when I read a post earlier today about a shoe sale....I had to jump in to it. I left work early (I didn't leave early just to go shopping, let me just say. Tuesdays are normally my early day) and went straight there.

I walked in and as soon as I stepped into the room, I was greeted with a friendly hello. I made a beeline straight for the shoes! First of all, let me say that I love how their shoe section is set up. Each size has its own shelf. Colors are separated as well. Everything looks so nice, neat and organized. It was great!

While I grabbed shoes in every color i could see, Kim, a sales associate came over to me, greeted me and asked how I was doing. She asked if there was anything she could help me with. I told her that I read on facebook that they were having a shoe sale so she directed me to the shoes that were on sale. She also told me about the clothing that was on sale. She was very friendly! I went back to my horde of shoes and started trying them on. Green shoes (more of a soft olive green), red shoes, peach shoes, black shoes....I was in heaven! I found four pairs of shoes that I absolutely loved. I looked at the clothes that were in the clearance racks and picked out a few items. Kim,  the sales associate who originally greeted me, started a fitting room for me. Unfortunately the clothes did not fit me well. But i did get some shoes! They are amazing shoes, very sexy .

My entire experience at Blush Boutique was fantastic. From start to finish I enjoyed my visit. Great customer service, nice selection, reasonably priced merchandise. This is my sort of spot! I definitely plan on visiting Blush Boutique Louisville again!

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