Fall/Winter 2011-2012 Makeup Trends

Get ready, its time once again to drag out those winter coats and fall boots.In my part of the country our fall has been a continuation of summer until recently. It seems that winter is officially upon us. As the seasons change, so does our fashion, our hair, and our makeup. Personally, I find myself more interested in the makeup trends. There are so many interesting makeup trends that are coming up for this fall/winter season. I've actually found some trends that I not only can do, but I am actually interested in trying out! I visited  www.ourvanity.com

The first trend if the season is Nude Makeup. That easy, breezy (not covergirl) look of a fresh face is refreshing. It's simple, but gives such a sweet, youthful glowing complexion, that compiments any skin tone.

The second trend I am really looking forward to is all about lips! Not just red either, plums, deep reds, oranges. This is all about making those lips POP! This I really love! I rarely wear color on my lips. If i do its a pale pink. But this just might inspire me to be a little more daring and try a deeper color.

This next trend is not my favorite, but it seems to be popular. I dont mind thicker eyebrows, but when they are big and bushy, that sorta scares me. I think a well manicured brow looks great, but thats just my opinion.

My favorite trend by FAR this season is the colored smokey eye! Smokey eye is my seond favorite eye look (next to the cat eye). I love the Idea of a smokey eye using colors!