Full Throttle Saloon

I have to admit, one of my guilty pleasures is watching Full Throttle Saloon on TruTV. Ive watched it in the past but ive never really kept up with it that much. I think that this show is pretty cool. Its neat to see the inner workings of a bar/club of that size. You really don't know what goes into running a business, especially that kind of business. Im not big on Motorcycles but i think it would be a lot of fun to go to a Sturgis Rally. I checked their website http://www.fullthrottlesaloon.com/ to see when their 2012 rally is set but the date isnt up yet.

I love how they have so much going on. I love that they have their Flaunt girls. Angie, one of their founders is cute and their is another girl with long dark hair that is cute too, but the others aren't that cute in the face.

I love the idea of a female dance/burlesque group. Ive only seen them from the TV Show but i do think they seem to put on a great show. Of course their musical guests are amazing! But I love the show for the drama. And because of the kind of business they are in, there is a LOT of drama! But I still love it!