Movie Monday: The Hangover 2

I've wanted to see this movie for a while but never got around to renting it. Well my husband and I watched it the other night and I could not stop laughing!!! We watched the first one so I already knew what kind of humor to expect. What can I say, inappropriate behavior makes me laugh. And this movie definitely had more than enough of that! Once again this movie is around a wedding and the nigh before the wedding the guys get together and drink, one last hooray before their buddy Stu gets married. The guys are in Thailand this time. But of course things go sideways when their mental case friend Alan tampers with the marshmallows that they all wind up eating. They should have learned from the first time with that guy. He would be banned from using anything around me. Hell he wouldn't be able t even look at something I'm eating because id be too paranoid i would get drugged! But against Stu's better judgement he decides to invite Alan. They go to his room and immediately after they ask him, he injects himself with vaccinations. *red flag* Oh hell no, never mind guy, that should have told them that things were going to get crazy.

Anyway, Just like the first movie, they guys wake up in a complete state of confusion and they have to figure out where they are, what happened, where Stu's fiance's little brother is, and get back to their resort for the wedding. This movie is hilarious from start to finish but there are definitely some surprises along the way. One big one at the end that had me crying laughing. This movie was hilarious and I would definitely watch it again. Especially if i was in a bad mood or needed a good laugh!