Movie Monday: Jurassic Park

Kickin' it semi Old School!

This is one of my favorite movies. Seriously. Where to begin. First off, this definitely has to be one of the most unique story lines out there. Think about how many Sci Fi movies are out there that are basically the same with different people. in the 80's movies were unique, creative, and new. This movie came out in 1993. So it was close to that era of movie making. No CGI, anamatronics were the name of the game. and while they are a bit more limited in what they can do but they definitely look real. I love this movie so much. When you're in elementary school you learn about dinosaurs (i was in elementary school when this came out) so seeing a movie where they make dinosaurs com to life, that's the kind of thing that amazes kids! But of course like any sci fi movie where scientists bioengineer something in their bizarre science projects, their creations go homicidal and there is mass panic and disaster and destruction. But that's when the movie gets good, Ha!  Sho' Nuff I mean Samuel L. Jackson is in this which ads a bit of hilarity (when he started his quest to be in every damned movie he could possibly be in). Also Jeff Goldblum is in this, and I love me some Jeff Goldblum. I don't know of too many people who haven't seen this movie. but I could watch this on repeat for like 3 days straight. I love it.