Movie Mondays: In Time

This weeks Movie Mondays is about the movie In Time. Starting off, I thought the concept for this movie was really great. It was definitely different from a lot of sci-fi movies that are around. In the movie, noone ages past the age of 25. Everyone looks young. Everyone is born with a 'clock' and once it starts to count down, it counts you down to your last second of life. There is no money, Time is the currency. Say you have 10 years left on your clock and you want a cup of coffee. The price of coffee is 4 days. They scan your arm and pull 4 days off of your clock. I love that concept. Justin Timberlake's character lives in the ghetto. He lives with his mom (that looks like she could easily be his sister) and they are pretty poor. Without giving away too much information about the movie, he gets a lot of time from a person and then begins being chased by the time keepers (the police, basically). Instead of taking time, he tries to give his new found time away. He want to help the people living in the ghetto, especially after seeing how people live in the rich area. They all travel with body guards and have decades or even centuries on their clocks, so they in a sense live forever. He and his woman (who comes from the rich area) become a sort of Bonnie and Clyde. They rob banks and take time. Thats all I will say about the story line. I wanted to like this movie so bad, but i didnt. I love the concept and the orginality but it was poorly executed. It wasnt a total bomb, but it was really close to it. I think that a better developed story line would have made this movie so much better. The acting was decent, but good actors cant keep a movie from sucking if the story is what is messed up. Too bad, I really wanted to like this movie!!!!