The Prestige

The Prestige is such a good movie! First of all I love period pieces, but not really for this time in history. But I was definitely surprised at how much I loved it! The Movie starts with Robert Angier (played by Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (played by Christian Bale) as friends. They work as assistants alongside Robert Angier's wife to a Magician. She dies and Robert blames Alfred, then the two have a falling out. They both become successful and famous Magicians until Alfred performs the ultimate trick. Robert becomes obsessed with finding out the secret to his rival's trick. Its interesting that they have Nikola Tesla in the movie and he is played by none other than David Bowie!!!!

Christian Bale's Character Alfred Borden

Mr. David Bowie as Tesla

Hugh Jackman's Character Robert Angier

Spoiler Alert!
When Robert sees Tesla, he figures out a way to allow him to imitate Alfred's trick. At the end of the movie the two are face to face and Alfred reveals that he has a twin brother. Robert reveals that Tesla had given him the ability to clone himself, but at the end of every show, he kills his clone by submerging them into a huge glass water container. Then the camera pans out and you see well over 10 or more containers filled with his dead clones.

This was such a good movie, I really did enjoy watching it, but I had some really bad dreams about it for about a week I think. The movie isnt scary at all, but I know it had to do with him killing his clone. It must have been a terrible feeling to do something like that. Not only do you become a serial killer, but you are killing yourself. So in a way, you commit suicide? I dont know. But something about the fact that he killed himself really disturbed me. It definitely was a good movie. Very much worth watching. But (for me at least) It really makes you think.