Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Roundup

This weekend was pretty sweet. Although we didn't do a whole lot, we still had fun! I had the chance to hang out with a good friend of mine, Rachael. We did what we normally do, got some good food, got some bubble tea, and went to antique shops. I was so excited to go because we always find some cool things. I always find great clothes, but they are too small for me. But once I get the OK from the doctor, I can get back to working out the way I need to. I'm really excited for that actually. Right now I get so bored because all I can do is walk on a treadmill and sit on the exercise bike. Do you know how boring that is!? Okay, got off topic, but anyway we went to this vegetarian/vegan restaurant called Heart and Soy. They are actually one half of a two part restaurant. They are connected to another vegetarian restaurant called Roots. Deciding what to get was very hard for me! I'm a creature of habit so once I eat something I stick to it. So when I'm introduced to something new, I get a little overwhelmed. But i decided to get Curry Fried Rice and I was sooo happy with it. It was delicious and a little spicy. It was also made with Tofu which I loved. Ive never cooked with tofu but after that I am thinking that I want to try it. Rach got two spring rolls and Pad Thai. The food was delicious, and of course we got Bubble Tea!
my delicious Curry Fried Rice with Tofu

Rachael's Pad Thai

yummy looking spring rolls

it was soooooo good! I ate it ALL!

yummy chocolate Bubble Tea!

After eating, we hit up about 5 or 6 antique shops. And as always we saw lots of neat stuff. Some of it was really cool, while some of it was a little creepy.

trying not to sneeze and look cool(FAIL!)

Rach's cool shirt

I love anything in animal print!

I counted 10 of these things in just one antique shop

Dick Tracy dolls!


  1. Idk how I missed the Dick Tracy dolls maybe I was too busy finding cameras and counting globes ;)

    1. dont forget about the ethnic dolls!!!I told my husband and he thought that it was creepy too, lol!


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