Movie Mondays: Tron Legacy

This week's Movie Monday post is about the movie Tron Legacy!

When I saw the commercials for this movie WAAAAAY back when it first came out I wasn't excited. Then I got bombarded with previews and the more i saw them, the more I wanted to see it. After a while, i forgot about it (as a mother of a youngin' and no babysitter, I haven't seen an adult movie in theaters in quite some time!). But The other day my husband and I sat down to watch it while we ate dinner.

I won't give a synopsis of the movie, the original was a cool idea and sometimes remakes can be hits or misses, but this one was definitely a hit. Visually this movie was outstanding. I mean, it was amazing! You know how some movies have a lot of cgi and it's obvious?? well whatever cgi there is in this movie, it looks real. The way this movie looks is so cool! I definitely loved watching it. And I loved the components from the original that remained the same. But the updated style made it phenomenal. I could watch this movie over and over and over, if for nothing else, just the visual. For anyone who hasn't seen it here are some additional photos from the remake: