Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What's Cooking?!

I seem to be cooking a lot over the past week. I love it! Unfortunately I keep forgetting to gake pictures as i go, or i remember to take pictures when we have all scarfed down our food. But i did manage to take a few pictures from my two favorite meals this week (so far)! Hope you enjoy them. Next time I cook them, I will definitely post the full recipes with pictures as I go!

yummy pasta with a homemade cream sauce topped with roasted yellow squash

roasted potatoes, how i love thee!

Panko fried porkchops with roasted potatoes and asparagus!

can't forget about jello, now!


  1. beautiful presentation..thanx for sharing

    1. thanks so much, i really appreciate your comment!

  2. i love the roasted potatoes and the asparagus!

    1. the roasted potatoes were definitely my favorite part of thee meal. it was my first time cooking asparagus though


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