Monday, April 30, 2012

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

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For someone who grew up in Louisville Kentucky, I'm kinda ashamed to say that I had not visited the Louisville Slugger Museum before last week! Ive known that it was here forever. I remember being either in middle school or elementary school and reading in the paper (yes, as a kid i use to actually read the newspaper!) about how they had to block streets and use two big rigs to move it downtown and to set it up. Anyway I decided to take my son to the Slugger Museum and Factory. He loves sports so I thought it would be nice! I didn't find out until the end of the tour that we would get a free mini bat....BONUS!

The museum portion was a bit small which was a little bit of a let down. I wish they had more items there, it was very neat to see the history. My favorite part of the visit was the tour. They start by showing how the bats were originally made manually. Then we saw the machines taking over. They told us a bit of history on the use of machines, and then we got to see two different machines. The first one was used for all commercial use sold in sporting goods stores and similar places. They use a special machine for atheletes. We got to touch bats that are actually used by current Major League Baseball players. We got to feel the differences in weight that different players use. It was really cool to know that I was holding a bat used by a professional athelete! We got to see how the logo is applied (well burned into the bat). After that they cut the tab ends they let the kids take one. Of course my son takes two but he gives one to me! Then they show how the bats are dipped for coloring them. It was very informative and i think my little guy had a blast. But the ride home was really scary...imagine a mini bat being swung around furiously by a hyper preschooler...scary, right?! But our field trip was fun so im looking for something for us to do this week!

ginormous bat outside!

big bat again!

Babe Ruth

Derrick Jeter

ken griffey
mural "locker room"
mural "locker room 2"

"batter up....hear that call...the time has come...for one and play ball"



  1. What a great day you guys had! I agree with you about the "museum" portion, but going through the bat factory is really cool. We've taken several out of town guests to the museum and everyone always loves it.

  2. i loved it! and although my son is only 3, he really enjoyed it to which was great. But they really do need to add more to the museum side!


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