The Cabin In the Woods

This weeks Movie Monday post is about The Cabin in the Woods. Geez, it took me about 3 weeks to get around to writing this review. Thats not a good sign. I actually forgot that I saw it! The basic story line is that ther is a group if 5 friends that go to visit a relatives cabin in the woods for a weekend. It starts typically like most most horror movies go. An unsuspecting group of people go and are trying to party when all of a sudden party time is over and people start dying.

The previews show it as a horror movie with a twist. That part is right,but it was wonky. Firstly, this movie was not even scary. And this is coming from someone who will have nightmares about Gremlins and Killer Klowns from Outer Space. Im an easy scare and Im a wuss when it comes to horror movies. I feel like it was an ambitious movie but they were reaching out for too many things in this movie. Yes it is a horror move, but no its not your typical slasher movie. There is a plot, but it could have been developed better. I do not want to spoil anything for whoever hasnt seen this movie, but I will say that towards the end it gets stupid. almost comically stupid. I didnt care for this movie. I was really expecting to be scared, so my hopes were definitely let down. Anyone who could suggest a really scary movie, give me a good one!!