Movie Mondays: The Iron Lady

This movie Monday post is about the movie The Iron Lady. Let me just say, that originally, I didn't want to see this movie. Not saying that I didn't think it would be any good, but I don't care much for political movies. But, every time I wind up watching a movie that I didn't originally want to see, they turn out to be great movies. This one is no different. The Iron Lady is about Margaret Thatcher, the first and only female British Prime Minister. Played by none other that the amazing Meryl Streep.

To be honest I didn't know much about Margaret Thatcher when watching this movie . One thing that I love about historical movies from not too long ago, is that if there is any video or audio footage, they use it. This movie did as well. I love seeing actual pieces of history being shown as it happened, even if its not pretty. So that was very pleasing to see.

The movie follows an elderly Margaret Thatcher who still sees her deceased husband around her home although he passed away some time before. I'm not sure but i think that she might be suffering from Dementia. Her daughter is very concerned and worried, especially when she has to remind her that her husband has passed away and that her son lives in South Africa (Margaret said she wanted him to come upstairs and see her). Throughout the movie she sees something, or does something that brings on a flash back of her life. The movie shows an adolescent Margaret Thatcher and shows her progression all the way to prime minister. Then it shows the decline in her popularity, as well as the loyalties of her staff which eventually lead to her resignation after 11 years in office. When she has flashbacks its sad to see how she reacts. With living such an amazing life, she doesn't seem happy. She was so focused on running for prime minister her family felt left in the dust and unimportant. I think in her hindsight she felt really guilty but doesn't know how to deal with the guild. Especially since her husband died.

I'm not big on political movies but this was definitely informative and although it was sad to watch it was a really good movie. I definitely enjoyed watching it!