Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol

Today's Movie Monday post is about Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol.

I did not want to watch this movie. After the third one, it was starting to get old quick. I hope they stop making these movies, hopefully they don't turn in the a long movie series like the Rocky movies!

Back to the movie...

It was just like the other movies where they had this "impossible mission" to do but there was another group that was doing almost the same thing. They got Ethan put out so the Russian police were after him and he was to be blamed for bombing the Kremlin. Ethan gets his small team together and they beat out the bad guys and save the day. woo hoo (no sarcasm there!)

I didn't really enjoy this movie, I have to say. First of all there was a lot of CGI. And not passable CGI, i mean plain and simple blatant CGI. Like they just said to hell with it, lets not even try to make it look real. There was a lot of stunt work and fancy gadgets. I had a bad impression on this movie from the get go because the night prior I watched Mad TV and they did a spoof of this movie with Ghost Rider. So all I was thinking through part of the scenes was where the heck was Nicholas Cage!!!?

I definitely don't think I would watch this movie again. After the first two it started to get old. Third one was dragging it out and this fourth one was just too much. For heavens sake, in the intro credits they were showing previews of what was to come in the same movie...that's not a good sign! Overall I wouldn't rate this movie that high:

My rating for MI4?

3 'stars'