Movie Mondays: Wrath of the Titans

This weeks Movie Mondays s about Wrath of the Titans! I could not wait to see this movie. After Clash of the Titans, I was really happy to see that they made another one. And I was even more happy to see that they kept the same leading character! So many movies change actors and Its so annoying to try and keep up with it because it seems like a new movie. But I was very happy to see that majority of the leading characters were the same (except for Andromeda).

Sam Worthington as Perseus again

Rosamund Pike played Andromeda

Ralph Fiennes as Hades

Liam Neeson as Zeus

In this movie, Zeus comes to Perseus and tells him that he needs his help. Perseus does not pray to the gods nor does he consider himself any sort of god. He prefers to live a life plain and simple. But Perseus soon finds out that his father Zeus has been captured by his Hades and Ares. In order for Perseus to rescue Zeus, he would have to go to the underworld and stop Cronus from gaining power. Along the way Queen Andromeda comes along, as well as another DemiGod, the son of Poseidon. There is a lot of action and a lot of cool characters that come in. I saw this movie in 3d but wasn't too impressed with the 3d. Don't get me wrong, it was cool seeing my first 3d movie as Wrath of the Titans, but the 3d wasn't really special. A rock here or some embers from a fire there, but not much of what i was watching jumped out at me.  But I definitely loved this movie and I would love to watch it again in regular 'd'!