body wrap

Earlier today I made my own body wrap. I apologize for not having pictures, I thought about making this post after it was already made. I did a little bit of research on weight loss body wraps (wishful thinking, I know!) and made my own blend. For this blend I used the following ingredients:

bentonite clay-1 cup
french green clay-1 cup
kelp powder-1/2 cup
epsom salt-3 tablespoons
olive oil-2 tablespoons
coconut oil-2 tablespoons
apple cider vinegar-1 tablespoon
lempn juice-1 tablespoon
peppermint essential oil-10 drops
water-2 1/2 cups

To make your body wrap mud:

1) boil water
2) add epsom salt and continue boiling until salt has dissolved
3) turn off burner and remove from heat.
4) add clays and kelp powder
5) stir until you've got a thick mud
6) add remaining ingredients and stir well
7) wait until the mixture has cooled down, but is still slightly warm

Now that you've got your wrap ready, here are the steps to apply it!

1) get your mud and your strips for wrapping (you can use ace bandages or even a bed sheet that has been cut into strips) together and lay a towel down to help prevent mess
2)  starting at the bottom of your body, slather the mud on your body.
3) grab your strips and begin wrapping from the bottom up. You want them to be firm, but not so tight as to cut off circulation
4) start at your legs, work up to your midsection and then o your arms.
5) once you're wrapped up, you want to remain stationary (and warm) for one hour. I like to do this in the bathroom. Cover yourself in a blanket and lay in the bathtub and listen to some relaxing music for an hour.

After an hour is up, remove the bandages and rinse your body with lukewarm water and you're done!

Some tips to remember when doing a body wrap:

  • taking a brief warm shower is helpful to open your pores so that they can absorb the wrap better.
  • make sure that you are drinking a lot of water. Several days before, the day of the wrap as well as afterwards.
  • make sure that you keep your body warm once you are wrapped up

**I am not a professional. I have done research and decided that doing a body wrap is a good decision for me. Please do your own research to determine if a body wrap is a good and healthy option for you**