Fun Friday Favs #3

It's that time of the week again! Time for this week's Fun Friday Fav's!

1) My son looooves baseball. So my hubby bought him a t-ball stand and that kid has been obsessed with it!

2) we got our little guy a chain and a bracelet and he wanted to show off his muscles....this kid is a ham!

3) I love my gym. I go to Planet Fitness and its a pretty cool place. My husband doesnt like it because he's a free weights kinda guy, but I like the machines. They have barbells and dumbbells so Its good for me!

4) Finished my yarn braids and I love them!!! I am still planning on a post just for this, I just have been lazy about putting it together.

5) my son loves getting his hair braided. While I was doing his hair, we thought about how he would look with a mohawk. But we would all miss his curls, so we decided not to do that.

6) sushi, sushi sushi!!!! I love this so much. I could eat sushi every day for the rest of my life and die a happy person!

7) Tried to get Rach and Marty to stand right next to the creepy sumo wrestler but they wouldnt get any closer than that, lol.

8) Burritos As Big as your Head....this place was a staple in my life when I would go out with my friends. We always ended up there after a long night of drinking. It tasted so good but wreaked havoc on my innards!

9) Im such a dork. I love decorating my food like this. I know, Loser alert. I felt like spongebob for a minute, lol!

10) No picture to list,  but right now im sitting in the living room, watching Ghost Adventures eating takeout and being a bum....Im feeling awesome right now!

What were some of your favorite things from the week?