Fun Friday Fav's #4

Well you guys....this is the last Fun Friday Fav's post that I will be writing from our apartment. This is the last one I will write in the State of Kentucky!!!! Next Friday I will be writing this from a hotel somewhere in the Midwest!!! Next Friday morning we are moving to Texas. I know that my next F3 post will contain a lot of pictures of boxes, our empty apartment, full Uhaul, and a lot of back and forth between good memories and excitement for what's to come. So this post will be the calm before the storm I guess, lol. Before the madness starts! Anyway, this week was pretty chill, but still filled with interesting adventures. Adventures in hair, downtown adventures, park adventures....all kinds of 'em!

1) The unassuming and calm. But what you can't see, is that behind me is some sort of mass gathering of elementary school kids.......chaos, chaos overload!
 2) Louisville's skate park....we didn't visit it, we just cruised by on our way to a different park to play at

3) Hair adventures....I decided to take out my yarn braids after only a few short weeks. I missed my own hair so much. I think my husband was elated that I wanted to take them out too.

4) Craft son and I both made bird houses! I even watched a few birdies come and check them out when we put them outside!!!

5) food adventures...better eating habits. Also fueling my body...preparing for crossfit in June!!

6) downtown adventures...I hate this staircase so much....not only is it dizzying, its also high off the ground....

7) walked around downtown a bit and saw pretty cool scooters tied to an even cooler bike rack!

8) interesting building..erm wall. Seeing as there is not a complete building there...

9) My son was cracking up at this statue. I thought it was pretty cool!

10) this is what my son kept saying as we passed the statue... (booty butt booty butt booty but cheeks!!)

11) more street statues! I love this one

12) Anyone from Louisville or anyone who has visited Louisville knows about these horses throughout the city for Gallopaloosa!

13) Bling Blaw horse for Gallopaloosa!

14) closeup!

15) y'all know I cant avoid stupid face, right? It's moved beyond a force of its automatic!!

16) new contacts! What do you think? Ive got these and Ive got a pair in Grey. I like these better i think. I will post comparison pictures over this weekend.

17) I look somewhat normal without stupid face, right? Me and my hubby are heading to Orange Julius before getting Prototype 2 for Xbox!

These are some of my favorite things in my life from this past week. How was your week? What are some of your favorite things from this week?