Fun Friday Fav's

With the start of this new month, lots of things have been changing around here. It feels like summer and I'm in LOVE with this weather! Although we haven't completed a full week of this month, I'd like to share some of my favorite things of the week!

1)  My new glasses. I love weird glasses. I get that from my mom, she loves colorful quirky glasses. When I saw these online, I had mixed feelings. I love all things animal print. Animal print glasses would be fantastic, but cateye glasses? I wasnt sure. I think with my big ass head, they would look weird, but they turned out looking good. Even my husband liked them! I asked him if he thought they looked goofy but he said that they fit my style! Now that i think of it, he didn't say anything about looking goofy. I know I act goofy all the time. Ah well, I love my new glasses!!
new glasses...and stupid face again

glasses again
 2)  Muh hair...specifically, my finger coils. This is usually my go to hairstyle. I love how they look on me. Sorta makes me want to loc my hair, but im too afraid of that kind of committment right now! But I love doing them and being able to let them do what they do for a week or two and then take them down and redo them. Its a great way for me to measure my hair growth (other than the obvious way). The longer it takes me to do these, I know my hair is growing right along! These have kept me at bay from doing my yarn braids. I really need to get on to them. Soon, yes, soon!
finger coils
my finger coils again
 3) Fortune Cookies! My husband and I get takeout. Not too much, but definitely more than we should. Other than being starving and looking forward to eating my meal, I always look forward to seeing what my fortune cookie says. I don't look to it seriously, more comedy more than anything. Normally we both get a "fortune" with some sort of jive that makes no sense. But this fortune cookie surprised me. I have been working on this blog really hard. I wanted to do more with it but i was just not ready yet. But this fortune cookie gave me the fire under my butt to get focused again and get to it!
THIS fortune cookie I got from my local take out restaurant
 4) Bright nail polish. First let me say that Ive catalogued my love-hate relationship with nail polish. Ever since having my son in 2009 I have not been able to keep on nail polish more than 24 hours. My skin breaks out and itches and burns like crazy. I don't know what in the world changed in my body, but I can't stand it. Regardless of that fact, I still try ever so often to wear nail polish. I went to Walgreens and found this awesome nail color and had to try it. I only kept it on for 24 hours for fear of breaking out, but that didnt happen! I was really stoked but I dont want to push it. I'll try again in a week. But this color just screams summer time to me, and i love it!
Tangerine nailpolish
 5) Bicycles. Especially this bicycle. This is actually my moms bike. She looks so cute on it, lol. Unfortunately its jacked up so she had to take it back. But it was a nice bike while she had it!
This great Schwinn Bicycle from Target
 6) Bubble Tea. *le sigh* I love bubble tea. I cant begin to explain how much i love it. Especially when you find a place that makes it perfectly. id say im borderline addicted. My favorite restaurant, Heart and Soy makes it perfectly. Its sad, They have so many amazing sounding flavors, but Im such a creature of habit. I will now and forever get Chocolate. We stopped by heart and soy earlier today and picked some up. This is the most refreshing thing on a hot and humid 90 degree day!
Chocolate Bubble Tea!
 7) train tracks. I love seeing train tracks. They always remind me of being a kid and playing in abandonded fields by the train tracks (I know, being a kid and playing near train tracks sounds terrible) in our old neighborhood.
Train Tracks in the Country
What are some of your favorite things this week?