Movie Monday: The Grey

This Weeks Movie Monday post is about "The Grey".

I was really looking forward to seeing this movie. Liam Neeson is a fantastic actor and he never plays in bad movies, so it seemed like a win win! From the previews I pretty much knew what to expect. Plane crash somewhere in the arctic and Neeson is the only one who knows what the hell to do.

The plot of the movie is pretty simple. The men are in Alaska and get on a plane to head back inland somewhere (i assume). While still in Alaska, the plane crashes and many aboard die. Neeson and a handful of others survive, but no one besides Neeson knows what to do. He is a huntsman and survivalist who immediately starts to rally the remaining survivors together and start getting supplies for the cold Alaskan night. They get a fire going and  then he sees a woman who needs help. Then he sees that she is being eaten by a wolf. After being attacked himself, he tells the men that they are either in the wolves territory, or hopefully they are just passing through. This adds a whole different level of strategy for them because not only do they have to make their way to civilization in the freezing cold, they have to avoid being eaten by wolves. One by one the survivors are picked off by the wolves. Spoiler....unfortunately everyone dies. This was totally not what I was expecting from this movie. It was definitely a good movie, but it was extremely sad. I totally thought that this movie was going to be about Liam Neeson fighting his way through the wilderness with a group of guys and making it out alive. I just wasn't prepared to watch a sad movie. It was a good movie but I'm not sure that I would watch it again simply because i don't like sad movies!