Saturday, May 19, 2012

Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time!

This is driving me crazy!!! We are moving to Texas in one and a half weeks and yet, I keep finding the coolest projects through the blogs I follow. This is totally unfair!!! I'm bookmarking every project I find because in the upcoming months I will need a lot to keep me busy. So I will be working on all of these side projects in addition to seeing the sights in Texas!

Over at The Dainty Squid, Kaylah shared this awesomely cool project making scratch off tickets! I know I cant be the only person who has wondered how the scratch portion was made. Who knew it was so easy to make?? I now feel the need to make scratch off tickets for everything, lol.

At A Beautiful Mess blog they've cooked up some cool chocolate bars! Fight Club is one of my husband's favorite movies so when I showed this to him, he made me swear to make him some. They are really cool and would make as awesome treats for a movie night!

Again from A Beautiful Mess blog, there are tons of home decor projects, but I really love the Instagram canvas wall art

Paper n Stitch has this super cool post about growing/planting herbs. I am totally going to use this because I plan on gardening once we move and I NEED to grow my own herbs, I have wanted to try it for a while now.

I found this cute project for DIY Coasters over at Little Chief Honeybee. We have had the same old busted boring coasters for the past 3 years. Honestly we don't really use them that much. But this would be a good excuse to start!

Miss Indie has an amazing recipe for Frozen Yogurt Bites!!! This is such an easy thing to do but changing the way something looks or the way it is eaten makes it so much more fun!

These are only a few of the many projects Ive  been wanting to try. That's not counting the projects Ive found from Pinterest. Geeze, I'm going to be super busy, and I'm so excited about that!!!


  1. Gosh, I want to try all these things too. Maybe after this "super" summer class I can get on it. I thought I might update the blog today. Instead, I slept. Good ol' fevers... ;) Maybe tomorrow.

    1. aren't they cool?! i can't wait to try these out! i've got ton more ideas, do i'm going to be super busy with them!

  2. I see we read a lot of the same blogs. ;) I'm with you on the too many projects, not enough time front. Sigh. One day. :)

    1. these blogs are such inspiration for me. i hope to done day get my teenie weenie blog on that level some day, lol. they really are inspiring. I've got a pretty big folder full of projects i hope to get done in the summer. but i doubt if i will get then all done, there are just to many!


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