movie Mondays: Underworld Awakening

This weeks Movie Monday post is about Underworld Awakening.

At first thought, I didn't really want to see this movie. I mean, come on...there are already three previous movies. After two sequels movies tend to lose sight of why the original was popular. So I had my doubts about watching this movie. Thankfully It was much better than I thought! It was actually really good!!

In this movie, there is a new enemy to Vampires and Lycans....the humans! The humans join the fight and try to eradicate both the vampires and the lycans not once but twice. They have medical experts that tell the population that there is no cure and the humans purge the population twice. Selene and Michael are set to meet at the harbor to escape the humans, but as they get to each other, a grenade is set off and they both pass out. Twelve years pass and Selene wakes up in some sort of frozen chamber in a laboratory where she is one of two subjects that are tested there. She later finds out that the second test subject is her daughter Eve, who she had with Michael. She also sees visions that are not her own, but she believes that they are from Michael. The Vampires are almost wiped out and so are the lycans, or so it was thought. The company that contained Selene and her daughter is run by lycans who are creating stronger, more powerful lycans than ever before. The only thing they need is Selenes daughter Eve, so that they can use her blood to make their super lycan. With the help of a police officer, Selene is able to get into the lab where she was once at. The officer was married to a vampire but she was killed during the Purge. As Selene searches for her daughter, she finds Michael in a frozen chamber like the one she awoke from. She shoots his cell so that he can get out, then continues to search for her daughter. She finds them in the parking lot and an epic battle ensues. In the end Selene, her daughter, and the officer all survive. But when she goes to find Michael, she sees that he is not there, but has gotten out of the chamber. The movie ends with them on the top of a building over looking the city.

I wonder if there will be another movie after this one? It was definitely good, and I should have known it would be. Every time I am skeptical about a movie, it always turns out to be good. It was good and I actually want to watch it again!