Fun Friday Fav's #5

Its been a while since I've done a FFF post, but I need to have them back. They always make me smile when I look back at the pictures Ive taken throughout the week! So here we go folks!

1) This Coconut Milk is so delicious (it really is, now I know why the brand is named 'So Delicious'. I drink it instead of regular milk. And I always put some in my coffee!!

2) We said goodbye to our 60 inch TV. The screen cracked when we were moving it off the Uhaul into our house, and we thought that the warranty or something could help to salvage it..alas, there is no helping this. Quite sad!!!! 

3) I love our bed. Its so comfy. I really love our bedding as well. But its really nice to sleep in a bed that has both a headboard and a foot board. this is a first for me and I love it!!!

4) I mentioned above how I use coconut milk in my coffee. Well this is the coffee that I drink and let me tell you, it is amazing!! Of course because it is Starbucks it is expensive as hell, but its almost worth it (almost

5) I have created a chore chart for my son. You can only see 4 items in this picture, but he has about 8 items on his chart. From making his bed, watering his plants, doing schoolwork, cleaning up his toys..he's got a good system going now and its working out awesomely!

This week has been pretty boring, although the 4th of July was awesome. But the majority of the rest of the week has been pretty chill. I go next door and hang out with my neighbor in the morning. Her daughter and my son get to play for a little bit while we drink our coffee. Its great! Next week I will be taking more pictures as there will be neat stuff going on. My little guy starts his swimming lessons, more jewelry making, and this time I will be bringing out my polymer clay (hopefully not a disaster this time!) I hope everyone had an awesome week!