Fun Friday Fav's #6

Happy Friday all!

It's been two weeks since my last FFF post, and I have to admit I've felt terrible about it! I have been doing most of my blogging from my cellphone for some reason. I don't know why its been so hard to get my computer out. I never use it during the day, especially since my son is no longer taking a nap in the day. But in the evening, I just haven't been getting my computer out...weird, I know. The majority of my blog posts for the past two weeks have been about food so I'm going to try not to repost anything. Anyway, here are some highlights from the past week/two weeks!

1) Sushi that I made! I had to repost this one...My husband and I LOVE sushi. And once my neighbor taught me how to make it, I made some by myself. It turned out awesomely and I am so proud of myself! I will definitely be making more sushi in the future!

2) Kale Chips are the most awesome thing ever! Even my son loves them. As a matter of fact, I normally have to make at least two batches of them because my son will eat an entire tray all by himself. Its great because Kale is so good for you! So instead of regular chips, I make kale chips for him and he's happy! No greasy fatty potato chips!

3) Finger coil fail...My hair is being weird. I don't know whats going on with it. Parts of it are still kinky, but others (like the front of my head) are loosening up and are now just poofy. When I tried to coil them, they turn out stupid looking.

4) The back of my hair looks great though, And I love the highlighting of it. But it doesn't match the front of my hair so I wound up taking the coils out. Maybe I need to make the ones in the front a little bigger? Who knows...

5) So I took the coils out and highlighted my hair a bit! I know that bleach isn't good for your hair, but I did it anyway. I like my hair lighter in the summer time. When the winter comes around I will probably go back to black. On a side note though, I can tell that I've lost weight in my face! That makes me feel amazing since I have been busting my ass really hard at the gym! Motivation for next week for sure!!

6) Coffee....Oh how I love you. I love my Blondie from Starbucks. Its just so smooth. I really look forward to waking up and grinding up my coffee beans in the morning!

7)Crocheting has been a serious headache for me. I'm used to knitting but this crocheting thing had me all thumbs at first. It's gotten a lot better but this piece here I have had to start over and take rows out and redo them at least 5 times. My biggest problem is that I cant seem to get the edges to be straight. At some point I am either missing stitches, or inadvertently adding a stitch. I can't seem to figure out where and its driving me crazy! I just want to get this done and for it all to be straight already!!!!

8) Ive been working on this necklace for some time now, but I only work on it a little bit at a time. Its turning out great and its the first time Ive tried making something like this. My neighbor taught me how to make this and its so easy and I love it! It just take a bit of time because the stitches and the beading is done so small. But the finished product should be really cool and I only have two more strands to do until I can start assembly!

9) Asparagus is my new favorite veggie. I have always liked it, but now Ive grown to love it....especially on the grill, or cooked in butter!!

 10) A little project I wanted to try out "painting" clear didn't turn out how I wanted and I know why. I started out pouring in some paint (probably too much) and swishing it around the bottom of my glasses. I should have waited for them to dry before adding another color. When I added the second color, They began to mix. So I just took a skewer and swirled it all around and made some weird tie dye mix of the two colors. It looks okay I guess, but totally opposite of what I was going for. I might just keep them anyways and use them for something, I don't know what though...

11) I am on a bit of a crafting kick finally. I worked on some of the sketches for my earrings. I've primed my wood pieces so all I have to do now is get my stencils together and start painting! This will be a project I start next week though, Not going to worry about it through the weekend.

12) Is this not the most awesome looking thing ever? Its a veggie "pizza". Delicious. There was more than these last 4 pieces but I ate all of it..yes, I am totally okay with admitting that I ate it all because it was soo good!

Well, there you have some highlights from my past week/two weeks. What are some highlights from your week?