Fun Friday Fav's #7

In case you're curious...that's cut off asparagus spears!

This week's Fun Friday Fav's is going to be a little bit different! My week has been a mess so I didn't take very many pictures. Between baby stepping into crossfit, trying to get both of our vehicles registered before the end of the month, keeping my son entertained, and my husbands work...I haven't even had time to do any crochet or paint my earrings. Since I was unable to really take pictures this week, I'm bringing you another aspect of my week. Pinterest (mostly). I try not to stay on Pinterest that much, I always find things I love and want to try out. Then I see the most beautifully styled clothes or coolest home features...the list goes on and on. But I will be bringing you just a few of my highlights from Pinterest!

First lets start with this ridiculously cool gift basket post! I am the worst at putting things like this together! This is truly adorable and they are so simple but they look well thought out and put together great!!!

Tent Party anyone!? I love this! Not that I will be going camping ever (I am not that big a fan of the outdoors!!) but this makes it so much easier to get around! No more running around outside trying to dash to a completely separated tent! Almost like a sleepover! I love it!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these heels! They are so sexy! I love peep toe and I absolutely adore the cream with black trim!
I Feel like I NEED a huge Statement Piece Necklace!

This is such a beautiful (and my favorite color!) scheme for a Garden Party!

Home design isn't one of my strong points. And while I could never have something this beautiful in my own house (my 3 year old would demolish it fast!) This is such a cook home accent DIY project! Check this out!
This idea I am in LOVE with! Although it gets really hot here in Texas, this would make me want to stay outside almost all of the time!
I'm not huge on jewelry but I do love bracelets. Especially shiny, sparkly and bright colored bracelets. I would totally be down with any or all of these bracelets! They are too friggin cute!

This sugar bowl is too cool! I love it! It wouldn't go with anything in my house, but I would totally put it on display just so that everyone could see how awesome it is!!

These are some of the highlights from my week browsing online, what are some of yours?!