Movie Monday: The A Team

This week's Movie Monday post is about the remake of The A Team!

First let me start off by saying that I love action movies. I can't stand girly, froofy (yes I just made that word up I think) chick flicks. I love fight scenes, explosions, shooting...I love action movies. This is by far one of my favorite action films. Not only that, but it one of my favorite remakes! Let us now take a minute and remember the ORIGINAL A team:

For me this was such a cool movie! I love when a remake is done right! The A Team was great! It was full of no nonsense action. The movie is based around plates for $100 bills. Their team was sent on a mission to get the plates in Iraq. They get the job done and bring the plates back but their commanding officer gets killed and they get court marshalled and sent to separate prisons. Some time after that, Hannibal gets a visitor telling him that he knows who has the plates and that he wants his team back together to get them back. So he helps him escape and they break out the other members of their team. That's as much of the story as I'm going to give away for anyone who has managed not to see this movie in the past two years.

The actors were amazing. Of course they have Liam Neeson as hannibal. He is such a badass actor, he had to be Hannibal!

Bradley Cooper played the (hot) Face:

Sharlto Copley did an outstanding job playing Murdock! He was my favorite!!!

And Rampage Jackson was amazing at capturing "Mr.T" as BA!

This was such a good movie. The plot was good and the acting was great! I loved it and I watched it again last night! I need to buy this movie!