Movie Monday: Madison County

This weeks Movie Monday post is on the movie Madison County


This movie was a bit difficult to watch. It was supposed to be a scary movie but it really wasn't. It was actually a really bad movie. It was so hard to sit through without making jokes. I've discovered that I'm annoying when watching bad movies. I talk a lot through them and really make it hard for other people to enjoy their movie experience! It has definitely helped improve my whit, lol. Im witty as hell now due to watching crappy movies!

Anyway, this movie had a typical basic plot. Small group of young people go to a rural town. The small town is hiding a secret and when the outsiders go poking around, they get killed. Simple enough but that was it. This movie was seriously lacking depth. Oh and good acting. Bad acting was a bit rampant in this movie. In all scary movies there is supposed to be at least one person with some sort of moral conscience. There wasnt one in this movie. They want to go interview this guy okay, lets go to his house....big ass yellow fence telling people to stay away, pshht! Whatever, lets go through that and get on their property. Noone answering the door? Lets go snooping through the garage and the shed. Not one character questioned if they should do anything. The girls in the movie were stupid. I mean straight up dum dums...If you're scared and the person that drug you out in the middle of nowhere tells you to stay by yourself, are you going to do that? these two did. And thats why they died. It was a bit too ambitious I think and thats where it really failed. Horror movies are so done and over done its quite sad. I guess because there are so many bootleg horror movies out there, I just expect them to be bad from the get go...

The killer in this movie looked  creepy enough with a pig head on him. But that makes me think of the Saw movies and how freaked out the pig heads made me. But that didnt make me scared of this movie. They made him seem unrealistic. The guy was apparently a ninja who can sneak around everywhere even being  like six feet tall with a big ass hatchet. Its just a stupid movie with a basic plot but the subplot is messy, hard to follow and has no real explaination, or ending. BOMB PATROL, this movie sucked!