Movie Mondays: Sucker Punch

This weeks Movie Monday party is about Sucker Punch

This movie is...interesting. But at the same time it is pretty sad. You find this out right off the bat. Babydoll, the main character gets sent to an institution for women by her father who is abusive and killed her sister. The 'institution' seems more of a gentleman's club being that all of the girls wear skimpy outfits and have dance routines and perform for male visitors. As she is introduced to everyone, she figures out a way for her to cope with the situation, and that is basically going into her mind and imagining herself as a powerful fighter. She first does this when she is asked to dance for the owner of the institution and two of his make friends. The screen cuts to her vision of herself fighting huge, superhuman monsters and defeating them. In her vision she is told that she needs to collect several items; a map, key, fire, knife and a final item that she will have to discover for herself. After an epic fight scene in her mind, the screen cuts back to her in the dance studio. She then makes friends with several other girls at the institution and tells them that she is planning on escaping and asks them to join her. They then plot to attain the items  to escape. Needless to say, their plan is discovered and many of the girls freak out. In the end, there are only two surviving girls, Babydoll and Sweet pea. Sweet pea escapes the institution all together but Babydoll doesn't. She gets a lobotomy at the end.

the director of the institution

Babydoll being admitted

I had a hard time with this movie. I mean, my expectations from the previews were completely different but at the same time, I didn't think it was a terrible movie. It was just sad and I hate sad movies. Overall it was decent but There could have been so much more development. But visually it was great! And the costuming was good as well.

Babydoll played by Emily Browning

Amber played by Jamie Chung

Sweet Pea played by Abbie Cornish
Blondie played by Vanessa Hudgens
Rocket played by Jena Malone