Fun Friday Fav's #10

Happy Friday you guys!! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their weekend. Not just any weekend, LABOR DAY WEEKEND! I'm sure you guys will all be doing more than I will. We might get in one more day of pool time before they close, but that's the extent. Well, we might go to the movies. Or maybe we will have a movie night at home. Who knows, I haven't really planned out much! Okay so on with the pictures!

1) I made this super tasty "Thai" dish for dinner. Its just chicken, broccoli and rice spiced really awesomely. My kiddo loved it. He tried to tell me that it was delicious but couldn't quite say that word right, lol. 

2) Siracha has been going on all of my foods lately. OMG I cannot get enough of this stuff. Its quite odd really. I used to just like it, but now I'm obsessed with it. 

3) Me-Mow hard at work (ha!). This kitten cracks me up because 90% of the time he's a lazy butt, but on the other 10% he's a paranoid-crazy-psycho!

4) Okay, so I am not a prepper, but I can acknowledge how important water is. I have started storing water in my back pantry just to have. I need to plant my garden but after doing research on the vegetables that I have, I cannot plant them this early in the year. I have to wait a few more months because I don't want them to die. But I am experimenting with growing vegetables indoors, or in containers. I just need to get larger containers

 5) I upgraded my son's reward chart. I added different things on there (like eating well and quiet time since he doesn't take naps). My favorite addition to this chart is the Penalty Box!!! Strike 1= timeout on his bench. Strike 2= taking something away. Strike 3= nap/bedtime! We are starting our new system tomorrow.

6) A much needed cleaning of my first pantry. I keep organized chaos but it drives my husband insane. I know where things are and I can find them but when he looks at it he wants to just kill me, lol. So I straightened it all out, moved a lot to the big pantry, and added shelf liners with the cutest black and white pattern!!

7) I'm working on the new design for my blog. I like the color that is the background, but after thinking about it a lot, the stripes are a bit annoying. For the most part, I want to simplify it, give it a bit of a professional look while keeping the color that was in the stripes. This was from my first day of working on this layout, so it has developed a lot more than this. It will not look completely plain, but it will look sleek. Here is a sneaky peek at what it will look similar to:

8) ASOS....I love you so much. These wedges are amazing and they will be included in an outfit post next week!

9) So my kiddo loves to paint. Most of the time we get some ceramic figures to paint, but this time he wanted to paint some paper. He keeps getting better. I'm going to have to get some canvas for us to paint soon so we can hang them up in our house. He's such a good artist! This painting is a surfboard on waves.

10) Our kitten is a sock whore. Yes, that's what I said. If there is a sock laying anywhere that he can get to, he takes it. it can be on the floor, on a chair, on a coffee table, on a bed...this little booger will climb up, get it and hoard them. He seriously leaves at least one sock in every room if we don't get them off the floor. He's got some weird addiction.

11) So our kitten leaves socks everywhere, and our son leaves toys everywhere. But he leaves them in the oddest ways. I walked into the living room and Batman was giving me the stink eye. For real Batman??

12) Because everything is better when its put on the grill...of course even steak