Fun Friday Fav's #8

Happy Friday you guys!!! I hope that everyone had a great week, ITS FRIDAY!!!

1) There have been a few things going on around my house. One of those being house projects. I am trying to get more into home decor and while buying things is nice, I love making things much better. I'm good with small crafts, art, clothes, things like that. But I need to get more into bigger projects. One of these projects is for our dining room table. Right now, our "centerpiece is this:

While these two candle holders are nice, notice how the one on the right is a bit crooked? yeah, every man thinks they are macguyver, lol. Anyways I would love to add to it! I need to figure out just what I want to incorporate with this! Any ideas and input would be fantastic!

2) First a little back story...I don't have a green thumb. As a matter of fact, when I was a baby, my parents nicknamed me "The Terminator". I kill plants. I try my best to keep them alive, but something always happens. But in my own defense, this time it wasn't my fault!!!! The heat is so intense here in Texas, that my poor flower seeds couldn't take it. They were doing great for about 3 weeks but when it came time to re pot them, they were shriveled up.... This time I am going to try again and keep a better eye on them. I also want to pot them in these cans! I found a super cute idea to paint soup cans and use them as planters. I love that idea so I've got my cans ready! I just need to print out the templates for my stencils and I will be in business!

3) I found my contacts! Yes, I know that sounds retarded. But I thought I lost them in the move to Texas. Well when I found them, they were still in tact but pretty dry. So I soaked them and they are as good as new!!!

4) Our kitten loves hanging out in the bathtub. Sometimes it freaks me out because the shower curtain isn't always wide open. Then he will jump out and scare the hell out of me. I think he does it on purpose!

5) My contacts again...oh, and stupid face....its been a while. Y'know, I kinda miss staking stupid face pics, lol.

6) My birthday was on Sunday and my husband bought a six pack of Heineken...I have never been much of a beer drinker, and while I did drink one beer, it was still gross.....but in the spirit of being festive, y'know...

7) You almost can't see how cute our kitten is sleeping...Lightning McQueen is awfully distracting with his crookedly stitched eyes...

8) Makeup and Contacts!!! I have been busting my butt in the gym like a mad woman and I am finally seeing the results (a little). I love seeing how much my face has shrunk down!

9) I like some pop music, but what I love more than pop music, is a metal band doing a cover of pop music! Eskimo Callboy did an amazing job covering this song. I seriously thought I was downloading the original version until i was in the gym running on the treadmill. This comes on and I about died laughing! I almost fell on the treadmill too, whatever. it was funny!

10) More makeup! I don't normally wear lip color but I have fallen in love with this shade from Burts Bees!

11)  Again, different kind of stupid face...

13) I have no clue how this happened but my glasses broke! I don't know if you can see but under where my lens is, the whole frame is broken off.....but at least I still have my cateye glasses!

14) My son made me a bracelet at school! He loves creating things too!!!

15) My awesome neighbor brought us some Peach Pie! I'm not a huge fan of peaches, but this was a really good pie!

16) The flowers from a week ago are still going strong! I'm impressed! They smell divine!

17) My son and I almost had a fight over these arrrng slices......they were the business!!!

18) This is my favorite mug and I will use it regardless of what time of the year it is!!!!

19) Sneaky kitten thought I didn't see him!!!!

My week has had a lot going on, much of which I can't really share yet, but there are a few cool things coming soon. *coughs* GIVEAWAYS*coughs* So be sure to check back. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!