Fun Friday Fav's #9

Hey guys, I hope you all had a fantastic week! My week was both busy and relaxing at the same time. My son started school, well he started daycare/preschool this week. He loves it. I love it as well, they are very good about security, they have a fantastic curriculum, and they have cameras and parents can log in online and watch their kid's class (can we say SPY BONUS!!!). He only goes part time which is nice for me and him both. I get a chance to relax, I get to enjoy some silence in the house and I can do as much crafting as I want without feeling neglectful of my kid! But we had to go to the doctor so he could get a physical. The days that he was at home with me, we did some art, some crafting, even hunted some monsters. On with the pictures!!!

1) I have been procrastinating on working on these cans. They are plain ole soup/vegetable cans that I cleaned and painted. They need another coat (especially the purple can!)

2) My favorite ice cream & cheesecake are mint chocolate chip...this stuff is the bizznizz!!!!

3) I made Sun Catchers with my son! Does anyone else remember baking these things when they were kids?! I was so stoked to see this at Hobby Lobby! I really wanted to show my son how cool this is!
Sun Catcher

4) I leave coffee stains outside on our patio, hehe
coffee stains need digital happy faces!

5) Its not even fall yet and we have leaves falling from our tree in droves. Our backyard is completely covered! Tomorrow is yard work day so Guess what I will be doing bright and early?! I need to get my son a little rake so he can do this with me!
what season are we in again?!


our backyard a few days ago...

6) I have been having the worst possible midnight cravings. They just started a few days ago, but omg they are so strong! The other night, I had to eat one of my sons Lunchables. It was so good. I even ate the cookies that were in it. It was so good. He will never know!

7) I love the texture of our patio furniture! Its so neat, especially at cool close up angles like this!

8) Let me tell you about Heaven on a plate....THIS is heaven on a plate....Lettuce, Cilantro, Bean Sprouts, Noodles, Cooked Pork, Egg rolls, Fish Sauce..This was possibly the best thing that I have eaten in a long time. It was lemony, not even spicy, but there were so many different layers of this dish. I don't know how they made their pork but the spices they used were insane and it was so tender!!!

Now I'm starving again....

9) Gardening Update! I have things growing! Not only are my Zinnia flowers growing, my Dill is growing too!!! Yay, I'm not killing these plants!!!!


10) I mentioned that we hunted Monsters....well Daddy was the sketch artist at the end of our Monster Hunt. The following picture is of the monster our son named "Hotdog Monster Ham" as drawn by my husband, lol

11) I love painting. And I'm so happy that my little guy loves it to. He loves painting objects better right now, but he still likes painting paper/canvas. We painted two of these toy trains this week. I tried to get him to get something else, but he wasn't having that. Strictly the train, lol.

12) Bubble/ Boba tea is the single most awesome treat. Ever. Seriously. If you haven't had it, you need to!!! My whole family loves it and when we get it, sometimes we get two each, lol. That's a bit overboard I know, but still its so amazingly good. And I looooove the tapioca balls at the bottom. What I love even more are the pearls that are filled with juice instead of tapioca balls. OMG this is making me even more hungry if that is at all possible.

How did your week go? What are some highlights from your week? I hope you guys enjoyed this snippet of my week, and I hope everyone has a great weekend.