Movie Monday: Cyborg

I am definitely a fan of Jean Claude Van Damme, and I've seen several of his movies but one that I never saw before I met my husband was Cyborg. This movie is awesome. Its an 80's movie so that gives you a bit of insight to the awesomeness (well, its late 80's). Here is an original preview!

I love 80's movies. They seem more real not only with their acting, but with the special effects (the few that they had). They are also more original which I love. Not like movies now that redo the same story/idea/plot over and over and over. 80's action movies are a special breed of movies, and Jean Claud Van Damme is one of my favorites! In this movie there are tons of fight scenes. But none are as epic as the final fight scene. There were no words, just 'roars' I guess you could call it. For some reason I couldn't stop laughing through it. You'll see what I mean. Here is the final fight scene It isn't too long but it is hilarious!

I love this movie, I will forever watch it again and again because it's a van damme movie and because its a good movie!