Movie Monday: Dancing at the Blue Iguana

This week's Movie Monday post is about the movie Dancing at the Blue Iguana

I love this movie! I remember the first time I watched this movie, 2am in my old apartment back in Kentucky. Way before I moved to Oklahoma and got married and had a kid I worked at a strip club. NO I was not a stripper. I was a server. Everyone has the misconception that working at a strip club is such a glamorous and decadent job, but its not really like that. Honestly its more like any other job. The dress code (or lack thereof) is the only difference. They do dance well I must say! I love pole dancing, I hear it is a fantastic workout!

Dancing at the Blue Iguana give a realistic, honest look into the world of strip clubs. It shows that dancers are more than just eye candy, they are regular people with regular problems. This movie follows the personal struggles of several dancers. Just like any other job, every person has their own personal issues and drama and these things spill over into the workplace. One dancer is coping with being pregnant, one wants to actually foster a child, one writes poetry and another girl is new in town.

I don't know how other people feel about this movie but I really like it. I like how it strips away the glitz and glamour and shows a real account of what that world is like.