Online Window Shopping

Shopping online has slowly been growing on me. There are some things that I can never buy online (clothes) but shoes and everything else, I'm starting to warm up to it! I know, I'm old school, lol. Ive been looking through ASOS at their discounted shoes, and some of these are really marked down extreme! There are some really cute shoes on here at reasonable prices!

For instance these ASOS Ablaze super high wedges are discounted from $102 to $40!!! I can totally deal with that!
also these ASOS Astro platform Ankle Boots are discounted from $102 to $61
As a lover of all things animal print, I am strongly resisting the urge to get these London Rebel ponyskin wedges because they are leopard print!
Ive really been craving ankle boots because fall is coming. These Ravel Harbor Lace Up Boots I love because of the suede and chains!!

I need to stop looking on here. I have been so proud of myself not really spending money frivolously (just buying groceries and cleaning stuff). I really should hold off on buying more shoes. But its so tempting!!!!

Note: I am not affiliated with ASOS, I have just become a huge fan of them lately!!