Victoria Beckham Autum/Winter 2012

I am a big fan of Victoria Beckham's personal style. She always looks so effortless, polished, sophisticated and amazing.

Her a/w 2012 collection looks great! I have found myself falling in love with dresses again. I love fall and winter dresses, they are more comfortable for me since they are not as short. For women who have curves, there is a fine line between where a dress can crossover from classy to slutty. But the length of the dresses matched with how well fitted and tailored they are make them so beautiful! Curve hugging, but not too much. But the little additions such as buttons, collars, and belts enhance how amazing these dresses really are. Victoria Beckham's dresses for fall 2012 are beautiful, elegant, and feminine. I especially love the "Military" look they have going. Boots are always great for fall, but now I feel like I may need to stock up on more!