Fun Friday Fav's #11

Yes, I'm already in the Halloween spirit

So, yes I realize its been a bit since my last FFF post. So lets cut to the chase, here we go!

1) This was the coolest Tipi ever! It was pretty big too. I was upset when I saw how much they wanted for it. I mean, this was at the thrift store on post...not brand new. Not paying $80 for that used. But it was so cool to see, I had to take a picture!

2) Memow, our Jungle cat/crazy kitten. He likes being on the furniture. Lately he has been obsessed with he is on our coffee table looking regally confused, haha!

3) Two of my favorite things in the world (other than my family). Greek yogurt and strawberries....this is what heaven in a bowl looks like!

4) Dollar Tree is such an awesome place. They have some great finds. I love looking for decorations there. These are Halloween ice cube trays. They are skulls! They also have fingers, bones, and pumpkins. Yes, I do have them all, lol. They are so cute!

5) I started growing some green onions from cut off ends. This picture was from the second day they were in the cup. But they have grown A LOT since taking this picture, its really cool and my son loves to check on them every day.

6) The two days during the week that my son is not at school, we do school work, exercise a little and do something else educational. This past week and a half, we have visited the museums on the post that we are at. He loved seeing the tanks, helicopters, airplanes and rockets!


7) this statue/memorial was sad to walk through. It reminded me of how thankful I am that my husband came back to our family alive, healthy and unharmed when he was in Afghanistan.

8) I don't know if I have said how obsessed I am becoming with Tofu....but I really love the stuff! You can do virtually anything with it! Ive got some silken tofu I want to use to try and make pudding and then maybe even a soup. I love tofu!

9) My hair has undergone a bit of a change over the last week. I think its about time for dark hair. I mean, its almost October after all. But come spring, it will be light again haha.

10) Okay, there is a story behind this. Ghoulies. My husband has this ongoing annoying joke. When we first started dating, I couldn't cook very well. I can admit that. I was making something with rice and it called for an egg. Well my dumb ass didn't cook the egg first. I added the egg after the rice was in the pan. The result was something gelatin eggy rice, it was crazy. I put it in the dumpster of our old apartment. My hubby said that I was secretly making ghoulies and they were going to come out of the dumpster for me. Being in Oklahoma at the time, where the wind is crazy, several times the dumpster was moved around due to the heavy wind. He would always joke and say that my ghoulies are on the way. lol. but that was a LOOOOOONG time ago. I can cook now *go me!*

11) The cool airplanes that almost got thrown away during one of my son's temper tantrums, haha. He hated them at first, but now he loves them. Go figure...silly boys, they are crazy!

12) Pot stickers and salad strips were dinner the other day. My kiddo has turned into a garbage disposal. This plate below? That is for my son. And those dumplings are pretty big. He ate ALL of this plate and asked for another dumpling.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! October will be here Monday, now I can start decorating my house for Halloween!!!! I'm so excited I cant stand it!