Madagascar 3

This Labor Day weekend, I took my son to see Madagascar 3!

I love all of the Madagascar movies, and so does my son. When the previews for Madagascar 3 came out, we were all over it. We swore up and down that we were going to go. But then life got in the way and going to the movies wasn't exactly the top priority. But luckily when we decided to go to the movies this weekend it was still playing. I remembered how much we cracked up when the previews came on. Especially when they played the Circus Afro one!

This was nothing short of a great family movie. Of course they had the old favorite characters, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. And they are still trying to get back to New York. The Penguins left for Monte Carlo and said that they would "be back" and the others are anxiously waiting for their return. When they realize that they wont be coming for them, they decide to go get the penguins and get back to New York. While in Monte Carlo they are discovered, and are being hunted  by the Captain of French Animal Control. When she finds out that Alex (a Lion) is involved, she wants to add his head to her collection.

As the animals evade her, they 'run away with the circus'. A Crappy Circus. But the New Yorker animals find a way to band together with the circus animals, reinvent the entire show and get back on American soil. But once they finally get back to the zoo, they realize that there is so much more to life and out in the world.

I loved this movie, it was hilarious but still had a great story line. I'm making a list of movies that we need to buy on DVD and this is definitely one of them. My son kept saying that he wanted to watch it again. So maybe this weekend if it is still in the theater, we will go watch it again!!