Getting Healthy

Getting healthy has been one of the best decisions of my life. Now, I'm not 'there' yet. I am still on my journey to a better me. But everything starts somewhere, and I'm stoked about being pretty far from my own starting point. The best thing that I have ever done was quit smoking. It wasn't difficult for me, my husband has been out of town for work so the social aspect of smoking wasn't there for me. I know I was definitely a social smoker. I stopped smoking and stopped drinking. My body feels so much better with just that change.

I have also increased my water intake. I used to drink a little bit of water. Then I upped it to at least 1 litre of water a day. Now I drink no less than 1 Gallon of water a day. To some it might seem excessive, but I love it. I have eczema, so my skin is always dry. But the more water I drink the better my skin looks and feels. Not to mention that it helps to cleanse out your body a bit.

My diet has changed also. Whenever my husband is away I don't eat as much meat. He's a meatasaurus for sure! We all love meat, but I don't like to eat a lot of it. Ive been eating lots of veggies, some fruit and incorporating a LOT of tofu. Ive really perfected several different ways of making it too. I think I'm obsessed. Ive actually posted my recipe for fried tofu recently. Its just so good. I know I'm obsessed. Tofu is so versatile, you can do anything with it!!! And it gives you an amazing alternative to fatty, unhealthy foods/ingredients. I'm not perfect and I do have my weaknesses....but I am working on curbing the cravings or finding alternatives. Currently craving something sweet. But I found an awesome "cake batter" protein powder recipe that sounds so delicious!!! I am also trying out Green Smoothies. I had my first one earlier today. To be honest, I was a bit nervous about trying it. Although my measurements were completely off, it turned out pretty good! I plan on making another one in the morning and I will tweak things then.

Gym time has always been my favorite time. But I have been doing things a bit differently. At first I wanted to start off with a crossfit state of mind. But that was difficult for me to maintain on my own, without a partner or anything. So while I do incorporate some crossfit workouts in my training, I am not completely doing things the crossfit way. For me, like most women, the free weights are intimidating. The squat rack is intimidating. Not using the machines is intimidating. You always see women being cardio bunnies. I am getting over my intimidation of the weight room. My biggest fear is my form. I am not confident in my form. There are two gyms that I go to. One has ample free weights, tons of squat racks, and only one smith machine. But they have no mirrors so I cant check my form. Because I cant check it, I get self conscious and hesitant about doing the 'big boy exercises' in a gym full of guy. The other gym I go to has a tiny weight room. I mean its tiny. There is enough room for maybe 4 people to stand with a little bit of space in between and safely do their workouts. But they have mirrors. There are two other gyms on post that I want to check out. Hopefully they will have mirrors, space, and the right equipment. I hate cardio. I cannot explain how much I hate it. Depending on what kind it is, that determines how much I hate it. But my two favorite forms of cardio are the spin bike and the row machine. The row machine completely kicks my butt. All day, even if i just go hard for 2 minutes. That thing wears you out. The spin bike I like, its low impact, and a complete change of pace from the other cardio forms. My only complaint is the tiny friggin seats. They hurt like no other!!!!!!! Anyway, I am pushing my workouts 110% and I (as well as my husband, and even my neighbor) am noticing differences! This makes me even more excited for the next workout. Who needs any other addiction? Seeing results from hard work is the best addiction there is!

The only place that I feel I really am slacking is sleep. I know how important it is for your body to get sleep. But even if I lay in the bed at 10pm, I will just lay there until midnight or later. I have severely bad insomnia. Ive had insomnia all of my life. Ive taken Ambien and Lunesta, tried Sleep Strips...nothing works. Well, I take that back. They work for a few days and then stop working. Its frustrating. I am going to have to make myself do nothing until I fall asleep. That's another part of my problem. I lay in the bed wide awake and bored, so I get my yarn and knit a bit, or get my phone and play Bubble Pop....I need to get more sleep so my body can rebuild. I'm going to go to bed right now, lol. No, I'm serious.

I am very proud of myself but I know that I still have a long way to go. But I am definitely planning on keeping things up. I know that there will be temptation to eat bad, or days that I don't want to go to the gym, but I am going to keep fighting and try my hardest not to give in! I feel like Ive made a major overhaul in my life and I think it was one of the best decisions Ive made. I will keep pushing, working, and progressing! This month I am kicking ass and taking names!!!