Recanting Dreadlock Extensions

I wrote a post some time ago about loc extensions and how i wanted them. At the time i was just learning about locs and i didn't really understand the process. I was in that instant gratification sweep. After researching locs more and starting several sets of my own, i get it. I don't want loc extensions. As a matter of fact, i think it's safe to day that I'm pretty much done with all extensions. That's way too much work, and i don't have the energy to put into all that fake stuff. I've been thinking a lot about this for the past several hours because i put my mini twists back in my hair! It took forever, but I'm finally done! We will see if this holds up. I'm excited to see how my hair does again. I get it...much like someone who is seeing their natural hair for the first time, the excitement from watching how crazy my hair will get and how much it will change I'm really looking forward to!