Fun Friday Fav's #13

It's that time again you guys! F3 time!!! I'm over doing it with the exclamation marks because my week (other than Halloween) was pretty boring. Of course there was a ton of cooking, but Halloween was really the highlight of the week. My son and I had a blast. But I really wish my husband didn't have to work so he could have been there with us, he would have loved it. Onward!

1) These tomato/cheese things were the bees knees!!! thick tomato slices topped with mozzarella cheese, salt, pepper, and Italian parsley! Baked in the oven! They are really good on top of toasted french bread

2) These egg rolls I was so excited about! I finally made egg rolls and they turned out so good! I for one don't really like egg rolls from the Chinese takeout places we have been to. They always tasted funny. But since I know exactly what went into these, they were so delicious! I do think that the next time I make then, I will not use as much meat, and add more cabbage. Then they will be perfect!!

3) I love small details on clothes. I got this pastel shirt at a thrift store in Kentucky for less than $5. I'm not too fond of the cut of it, but I love the detail on the 'collar'.

4) Have I mentioned that I may be semi-addicted to tofu??? Check out my killer recipe for the best tofu ever!

5) Oh yes....Pumpkins were carved. By me. YEP....ALL THREE! lol

6) Our cat, Memow is a super creeper. He likes to sit right over my shoulder and just hang out there. It doesn't matter if im on the computer, watching tv, falling doesn't matter, he's always there, lol.

7) This is the hi-bye of my mini twists...they are coming out as we speak. They are still 'holding up' but don't look as well as they should. So that's that....bye bye mini twists...again, lol. Oh yeah, and although I've hit a few hiccups in my nutrition over the last week my face still seems to be slimming down! This pic was taken over the past 4 days! woot woot for weight loss!!!

8) obligatory stupid face

9) My dad sent me a few things on his side of the family. My husbands family is French, Irish and Italian. I don't know much about my moms side of the family, but I do know that on my fathers side some of my family comes from Cherokee, Sweden, and South Africa. My dad had our families' headpiece and chest piece. I have to do more research on the Cherokee Indians because I don't really know very much. But I'm so stoked to get these things, I need to get a shadow box big enough to hold these Items so I can put it up in my office!!
Pic doesn't do it justice, its so amazing

I love the beading on this!!

10) While riding on post with the family, we passed this car parked in a lot. The back says, "Free Candy...and mustache rides." haha you Texas soldiers are crazy, lol

11) When Creepy McCreeper isn't hanging over my shoulder on the couch, he is  hanging on the window. I don't know why he doesn't just hop on that ledge and perch up there. He seems more content just sitting there looking lonely watching the birds outside, lol.

Like i said, this week was pretty boring and nothing really exciting happened except for Halloween. I hope that you guys had a great week and I hope that you guys have a great, safe weekend!!!