Fun Friday Fav's #14

yep...that's my cat in the washer. No, I didn't put him there!

Hello folks! Its hard to believe that its already Friday again, huh?  Things are weird around here lately for me. First my hair, my sleep schedule, my motivation...everything is just weird. Not bad, not great, but odd. I dunno. This week's F3 is going to be split. The first half of this post will be like I normally do. It will be about my own personal highlights. The second half will be about things I've come across online that were awesome. I'd love your feedback on this format of F3 posts! Okay, lets get to it!

1) My hair is going through something, lol. Over the past two days, Ive noticed my hair lightening. It started in two patches. The first was smack dab in the middle of my hair in the front, and the other was on the side towards the front. It looked really odd especially since the rest of my hair has been Jet Black for the past month. Oh well, I didn't think anything of it until it started getting lighter all over. My natural hair color is a mix between sandy brown and auburn. Usually in the summer time my hair lightens and starts getting red before getting really light. I don't understand, My hair was fine and black. I mean it was charcoal, burn, charred BLACK! The light parts almost look purple-red, its so strange. I'm just going to watch it over the next month and if it gets out of control I will either dye it back to black or lighten it back to where it was in the summer.
what is this mess?


2) Oh, how I love Coffee! I hadn't really drank any while my husband was out of town, but now I am back to it. My hubby came home this morning bearing a strong gift...Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend Coffee. This stuff is so good (and strong) and it smells absolutely heavenly! I cant wait to drink a super huge cup om the morning. I cant wait for the house to fill up with the smell, its so delicious!

3) Earlier this week I took my kiddo to the park. Across from the playground there was an empty baseball field and I took a picture of the moon next to one of the lights. I think these pictures turned out pretty cool. I think I want to bring out my camera one day soon and go exploring town and take some pictures. I haven't done that since we have been in Texas!

4) After the Halloween craziness died down, we found some temporary tattoos in what was left of our sons candy bowl. I gave him a monster truck tattoo and he gave me a bat! Its cool but it didn't last long at all. Maybe half a day. I was pretty bummed out!

5) I have been working out like a fiend. Last week I was wearing a pair of shorts and I noticed that my quads were extremely noticeable. I had never noticed them before, so I was like, hey! Where did these things come from? I took a picture after the gym earlier this week. I think I'm making good progress, but I know I need to add more cardio to my workouts. Wednesday morning all I did was cardio, and I am going to do strictly cardio again tomorrow.

6) There is a new roller derby league that just started in my city. I really want to join but I don't know if I will be able to. With my husband in the military and having a young child, its almost impossible for me to make their practices and travel to games etc. Especially when my husband deploys again. But I have been training on my own for a few weeks nonetheless. This pic was after I busted my ass trying to stop to get some water, haha.

7) my dirty ass wheels

8) Checking all my gear before heading to the park!

9) You see that big ass crack in the ground? That is the same crack that caused the busting of my ass in the picture up there with my helmet on....

I have wanted to be a part of a roller derby league for such a long time. I am not giving up though. that's why I am still training on my own. Maybe this isn't the right time for me, but I will keep training and skating for when the time is right. It kills me though, how people want to talk to you when they see you skating. I had 5 people stop me when I was trying to skate. Does it look safe to try and have a conversation with someone with wheels strapped to their feet? lol. I think that my fear of falling was worse than actually falling, so I think I'm getting used to falling down, lol.

In the spirit of derby, here are some awesome derby related things I've found on Pinterest:

I love love love this roller derby necklace! I think it looks so classy. I love unique jewelry and this is nothing short of awesome!

Every time I see this picture I crack up so hard!!! I definitely hear that song playing in my head. Likewise, whenever I hear that song, I think about this picture...vicious cycle of awesome sauce

I love seeing pictures of skates, it makes me happy! It also reminds me that I cant afford expensive but badass and quality skates

This has been the death of me this week. Ive been working on stopping in skates with control and that's what keeps tripping me up. I already know that my center of gravity is good, maybe my legs aren't far enough apart and I don't think I'm squeezing my thighs hard enough. Working on this

I love this DIY screen print top tutorial It seems so simple, but the result is beautiful! Ive never tried to screen print anything so I am adding this to my list of projects to do someday, lol. who knows when I will get around to it, but I want to!
the blog Honestly WTF always has amazing diy tutorials, and This is one that I want to try out. I used to make friendship bracelets when I was a kid, and its pretty rad to see them come back into fashion.
This blue kitchen is so cute! There is no way that my husband would let me go extreme with color like that.
Crossfit is awesome. There are so many things that I can't do yet but I love it all the same. Except doing hand stand push ups. Do you know the last time I did a hand stand?? I can do pushups but these are so friggin hard to do its not funny! Motivation
I hope that everyone has a fun, safe Veterans Day weekend! And if you see a veteran, make sure that you thank them for their service and sacrifice!!