This week's Movie Monday post is on the movie Prometheus. Ive wanted to see this for quite some time, and I'm so glad that I finally got to watch it. But for me, it wasn't at all what I expected. And after watching it, I have more questions than I did going in. In this post I will discuss some of my questions as well as offer  my opinion.

Initially I had mixed feeling about a prequel. My mother and I are both avid Alien fans, so on one hand I was excited to see that someone wanted to try digging deeper into aliens an give a back story. But on the other hand, I was afraid that they would somehow screw it up, lol. The preview seemed really good and they made it seem like questions would be answered. But I had a very hard time relating much if anything from this movie to the Alien trilogy.

The basic summary of the movie is that there is a group of explorers (made up of scientists, mercenaries and crew) that visit a planet millions of miles away from earth in order to discover where mankind came from. Once they land on the planet they see signs that species were there but due to some unknown cause, they died. They find a head that they take to test. Two of the scientists believe that the beings (or engineers) that were there created humans. After they test the DNA from the head they find a perfect match with human DNA. They find a black goo that seems to cause death. One of the scientist gets 'impregnated' after she and her man do the nasty and he has consumed some of the black goo.  She does an emergency surgery and the creature is taken out of her body but not disposed of. There is one surviving 'engineer' that is in some sort of space sleep chamber but David, a droid, wakes him up. David speaks to the engineer and then he goes on a rampage to kill everyone. He chases down the  scientist that was impregnated and he comes face to face with the creature that was taken out of her body. Just like the original Alien movies, that creature is actually a face sucker. But instead of the engineer getting a chest popper, an alien bursts out of his whole body. It looks like a kind of version of the Aliens we know from the other movies.

Now, I know I said a lot and I also skipped over a lot as well. But I need to break down things that I dint get:

This movie is set in 2093. if this movie was the prequel to the first Alien movie, which was set in 2122 or around the 'alien' seen at the end of the movie (comes from the 'engineers' body) supposed to be one of the first aliens?

They showed how the engineer DNA and human DNA are exact matches, but does that mean for sure that they created humans?  Could they be a more evolved, advanced version of humans? Could they be humans from the future? I don't know anything about genetics or DNA so i don't even know if that would make the DNA match. These are just questions.

When David, the droid talks to the engineer, we have no idea what he is saying. I need to watch this movie again, because i don't know what he is saying. But i do remember the beginning when he was the only one awake on the ship and he is learning a foreign language. I didn't really pay too much attention to that part, but I think i need to go back and watch it again.

When they see the hologram they explain exactly what was going on? The very first one showed that engineer running and falling and being decapitated, but there is no back brief on what exactly went on there.

The black goo isn't really explained either. It is shown different ways. First at the beginning the engineer drinks it and disintegrated. Then David sees it dripping from the canisters. Then he touches it, then the merc with the mohawk's helmet is dissolved by it, then Charlie drinks it and dies, then it somehow helps to impregnate Elizabeth Shaw. Exactly what is it and what is it supposed to do?

Also mentioning the engineer at the beginning. Why does he drink that stuff? Did he know he would die such a terrible death? Was he a sacrifice? Why does that alien ship look different than the one seen at the ending?

Charlize Theron's character is Meredith Vickers. She seems so weird! She seems like a droid just like David, but its never discussed in the film. Idris Elba's character asks her, but she doesn't answer it. I read somewhere where they made a comparison to the droids in Bladerunner, lol. But her nature is never explained.

Did they just decide to completely throw away the thought that there were Alien VS Predator movies?? If you count the predator movies, then the time period for Alien and Prometheus gets thrown completely out of whack and don't make sense.

I had so many more questions before I sat down to write this post. If i remember them I will stick them in, but I think i listed several good points, lol. I really need to watch this movie a second time because I know there are things that I didn't catch. I read that there will be a sequel to the Prometheus movie, and I hope that it is able to be a better middle ground for Prometheus and Alien.