Recurring Dream

I have a recurring dream. More than just a recurring dream, its a recurring nightmare. I have been trying to find someone who can interpret this dream for me, because i don't even know where to begin. The first time I had this dream was 7 years ago. I had it 3 times that year. The next year i had it twice. Since the birth of my son I have had it several times as well (and he is almost 4). But every time, it's the same. Every detail is the same. Every time i would have it, I always feel disturbed by it. Im open to any input and ideas as to what you guys think this might be about:

Things starts off innocently enough. A man and a woman are in what seems to be their kitchen. Its a 5o's or 60's style kitchen, the woman walks past the refrigerator which is an Exorcist Pea Green. They seem to be having a casual conversation, lots of smiling, lots of laughter. The woman is wearing a white dress with red and black floral swirls on it and her hair is up almost in a beehive, but its a bit messy. The man is sitting on a stool on the opposite side of the refrigerator. His face is never seen. But he appears to be in dress slacks, dress shoes, and dress shirt. The woman reaches into the fridge and gets out a bottle of white wine and pours the two of them a glass. They continue talking and smiling when suddenly they appear to get into an argument. The woman throws her glass on the floor and i watch the glass slowly break. She then takes the bottle of wine and slams it to the floor as well. The two begin to physically fight. The majority if the fight i dont see, but the woman ends up killing the man. She then cuts his body in a way to fold it together. She uses thick rope and binds his body in a compact square (all but his head) and puts his body in a huge picnic basket she finds in the closet. There is blood all over the kitchen but none on her. She leaves a trail of blood behind her. She grabs her jacket and skips out of the apartment. She goes down the stairs, down an old rickety elevator and to the ground floor. She carries the basket over her shoulder and she is whistling an upbeat tune. She walks for miles in her heels until she gets to a building that is almost like a fork in the road. The roadway splits and goes around a building that is dead in the center. Right in the front of the building is a flag pole. She takes the flag, tosses it down, and hangs the picnic basket from the flag post. Without hesitation, she skips away whistling the same upbeat tune. Seconds after she is out of the line of sight it gets really dark and cloudy outside. it doesn't rain but there is a lot of thunder and lighting. Lightening strikes the picnic basket and it tilts to the side a bit to where the body comes out but is still confined. It is hanging from the rope and the head is face down and then it gets struck by lightening. The head tilts up to the sky and instead of the head of the man that was killed, its the head of the woman who killed him. The eyes start glowing red, gold, and white and the teeth are like Jaguire fangs. The head starts screaming and says something in a language that I cant understand, and then it says "I believe that god will save me". Then the darkness goes away, the sky clears up. The head becomes lifeless and dangles, the body falls to the ground, and the basket falls on top of it. THEN I WAKE UP.

That dream really freaks me out. Every time i have it I see something that I missed the other times, but man, i don't know what triggers it, or what it means. I would love to find someone that can interpret that dream!