Run for your Lives Zombie 5k

I came across this on Facebook and I absolutely had to share it! Marathons and races are becoming more creative and this by far is the best concept I have ever seen! Run For Your Lives is a 5k Zombie Obstacle course/race. Not only will you be running, but you must go through a series of obstacles AND you still have to evade zombies!!! I havent really done any kind of training for any kind of race, but I would love to do it just to do it! As an avid Walking Dead fan, this would be ridiculously awesome to participate in! There is a race in Austin in December...I really want to do it!!!!

Check out to get more info, and to find out if a zombie Horde will be swarming your town!


  1. Oh, this seems like a run I'd love to do! What a fabulous idea! I hate zombies! -Jessica L

    1. I an trying to get a friend to do this run with me, we will see if we can both survive three zombie apocalypse! Lol


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