Saturday, December 22, 2012

Interview with Tetyana of Tetyana Naturals

As promised, here is my interview with Tetyana of Tetyana Naturals!

First if you can tell my readers a little about yourself
Well, I was born in the Ukraine, near Russia, in Europe. I lived there until 14 and I moved with my parents to Czech Republic, Prague. And that's where I went to high school and to college. In Germany I met my husband. He was actually stationed in Germany and I lived in Prague which was like two hours away from each other. So it was very hard to see each other. So after about four months I moved to his place.

How long have you been making hand made products?
Probably about two years. But I wasn't selling it for a long time because I wanted to be sure that people will like it. I'm too embarrassed to put anything on the market and it not be good. So I was giving it to family and friends and neighbors. And once I saw that they liked it, then i said well I will start to try and sell it. So I set up my company and got with lawyers and insurance because I was so worried about everything. Finally i did the website and Facebook a few months ago, so its very new. And now I'm going around to salons and trying to market.

Is this something that you always knew you wanted to do?
I didn't, I didn't! I was working in Prague for three years in a manufacturing company and a guy would make Marionettes, the dolls on strings, like puppets. And he would create it. Every single Marionette, with his hands, he would make the faces and the eyes. He tried to keep everything very traditional, old style. The eyes were all hand painted, and the clothes were sewn too. And I was thinking well it was old style and I love that. So I knew that I wanted to manufacture, I wanted to create something by myself and I wanted to have it old style. But I didn't know what. So once I moved here to the U.S., everything is commercial and modern. Everyone has cars, no one walks. I knew that people like natural things, and a lot of people have problems with their skin, so I thought, maybe I can try with this, natural products. So I tried making soap. I twas very easy and it worked! The very first time I made it, it worked. Some people say that they have problems making it or that it doesn't work for them, but for me it worked.

So have you ever had an experience where you tried to mix things together and they don't work?
Yes! I did 35 pounds of all different oils and I poured it all together and it looked fantastic. And the next day (the next day you usually cut the soap and its supposed to be like butter from the refrigerator) I cut it and there was a puddle of oil everywhere! My husband was shocked.

So do you do all of this from your house?
Yes, I do if from my house for now. I hope maybe in a year I want to have a shop where people can come and I want to have this big glass where people can see through it and see you making and working on the products.

How do you decide what ingredients go into your products?
Well I do a lot of research for all types of skin. What is not too greasy because I hate to have grease on me. What is light, what are heavier oils and butters because I use a lot of cocoa butter. Everything in my products have cocoa butter!

What do you think is your best selling product?
Soaps. I think Long Island. Soaps because I use a lot of goats milk and people really like that.

Do you have a personal favorite product?
I do. I love bath salts and I use them a lot!

I love how the emphasis on your products is fresh and natural, what made you decide to go that route with your products?
Well because there are a lot of chemicals already in the world. Take bath salts for example. Many companies put preservatives in it. So they can put '3 years' shelf life and say that its going to be good. That's a long time. My bath salts are good for six months. Ive tried to use preservatives but after having it for a while, the smell of the bath salt started to change, also the color changed and I just didn't like it. Even knowing that I am using a preservative would make me sick. I also use fresh fruits and vegetables for my soaps.

You've had a busy 2012, what can we look forward to from Tetyana Naturals as 2012 comes to an end and 2013 comes? Is there anything big that you're looking forward to?
Yes, it's kind of a secret. But my goal, I don't know if it's going to work out that soon, but in one year I want to open a shop in Harker Heights.

Well I wish you the best of luck. I loved the products I was able to try from you, so I know that you'll do really great this

I had a lot of fun talking with Tetyana, and I want to thank her for graciously allowing me to try several of her products! A giveaway is on the way, for some of Tetyana's amazing products. So check back really soon, Details are coming! In the meantime, head over to  Tetyana Naturals and scope out some of her fantastic handmade bath and body products!!

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